Spiritual IQ Quiz: Is the ‘genius gene’ good for your health?

From Stephen Hawking to Steve Jobs, big minds have changed your life. The saying goes that theses geniuses are born with a good-luck gene . . . or are they?

SOUL’S CODE — Every parent in America wants their kid to be the next gal or guy who changes the world.

But some of the people who actually did change our lives led extremely painful lives themselves, beyond their controllable lifestyle choices.

So we ask: Would you wish the genius gene upon your kids, or just as well leave that DNA alone?

Click on the radio buttons below to see what the likes of Oprah, Arthur Schopenhauer and Obama share in common — or not:

This world-famous philosopher set the stage for the the 20th century and 'post-religious' era. But he spent the last decade of his life in a vegetable state because of a progressive paralysis:  

This genius propounded one of the most powerful ideas of the modern age, yet had one of the weakest bodies. For most of his adult life he suffered from various combinations of Chron's disease, tinnitus, skin deformations  and perhaps was the first example of chronic fatigue syndrome. Who was he?

Which of these mystics experienced life-threatening afflictions, survived — and lived into their senior years?

This genius invented technologies that we use every day but because of a mental illness couldn't stand to see foreign objects attached to human skin — especially a woman in pearl earrings:

It takes a helluva lot of third-chakra power to become the president of the United States: You have to convince all kinds of people of all kinds of things. Of the post-war presidents, who suffered the most from a crippling genetic disease?

Some experts claim that this famous writer suffered from borderline personality disorder, or psychopathy. He possessed the depression and alcoholic's gene — and was, in the spiritual sense, possessed. Yet his work is taught in every classroom in America, and you have seen movies based on his books:

Name that tune: The correct answer is a singer-songwriter who created a whole new genre of pop music, went blind from glaucoma at a young age — and died from hepatitis C and liver disease . . .

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