Spiritual Surf: America’s pain index

Ashley Judd’s wounded ego; Which pills are recession-proof; and online porn way bigger than The New York Times

Addicted in America: Skyrocketing sales of Oxy and Percocet (Associated Press)

The new book, Dosed: Introducing America’s first psychotropic generation (Salon.com excerpt)

The demand curve for drunks: Vegas anesthesiologist launches mobile IV service (Hangover Heaven)

Up to $500 per detox treatment: “As if we do not know that the proprietary blend is salt water and a few vitamins (Science 2.0)

Privileged Hollywood celeb on promo tour for new ABC show bans questions about her looks: “There is so much wounding going on . . . it’s just contributing to the pain.” (TheDailyBeast.com)

Ashley Judd tells nation what pleases her ego on ABC’s Good Morning America:


New York’s Mayor Bloomberg on Trayvon: Florida and dozens of states have essentially passed “license to commit murder” laws (Politico.com)

New York Times versus X Videos.com: Porn site serves 10 times more web pages than America’s newspaper of record (Bloomberg News/Businessweek)

Soul’s Code slideshow: The Pain-Body Index

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