Spiritual Surf: Mermaids and other tricks of the mind

Sara Campbell makes a splash as the “deepest” woman in the world; Hooking the God chemical; Recession sinks mind-body and spirit, says new findings in Science

Free diver Sara Campbell

World-record holder Sara Campbell uses yoga and deep trance-work to free dive to new depths of human experience and endurance (New Yorker)

Beyond belief: A mermaid sighting in Isreal? (Live Science)

Or a mystical dip in a Scottish Fairy Pool (UK Guardian)

Is consciousness like the ‘wetness of water’? What great minds can’t grasp (Live Science)

With escapism and the recession in mind:Brain Is a Co-Conspirator in a Vicious Stress Loop” (New York Times):


The Biology of Belief explains how near-death experience and meditation cause actual changes in the brain’s chemistry

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4 Responses to “Spiritual Surf: Mermaids and other tricks of the mind”

  1. Sara Campbell’s Russian rival also does a form of trance-induction while free-diving more than 300 feet.

    Here’s what Natalia Mochanova says in that same Aug. 24/09 New Yorker :

    ” . . . meditation means you’re completely free, but if you’re in the sea at depth you have to be focussed, or it will get bad. What you do to start learning is you focus on the edges, not the center of things, as if you were looking at a screen. Basically, all the time I am diving, I have an empty consciousness.”

  2. I loved the photography in the movie about free diving “The Big Blue” and having been to Scotland and turned “blue with the cold”;I watched with total admiration, that female reporter diving into the fairy pools.It also gave me the idea that perhaps Sara Campbell could free dive in Scotland and make a movie called “Out of The Blue” where she finds out if there are any hidden depths to those stories about water nymphs and selkies!

  3. Dudes; We have a Peak Experience on our site called High on Ice which seems to bridge both of the mind-body poles you’re highlighting:


  4. I’ve read these studies and in my opinion all it proves is that there is a “mechanical” explanation for these experiences. God exists and the fact that we are born with the equipment to connect to God isn’t surprising.