Spiritual Surf: Tiller assassination and the Pain Body Index, yoga for meditation, curing migraines, and graffiti for peace

mosesThou shalt not kill?

Anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder allegedly took the ultimate step in his cause when he shot and killed an abortion doctor, George Tiller, while Tiller was attending church. When Roeder was formally charged with first degree murder, reaction from the religious right’s anti-abortion community was swift and predictably ugly. Twitter posts from the fringe said things like: “Oh, happy, day. Tiller the baby killer is dead” and, “God bless the gunman.”  This tragedy is another exhibit for the Soul’s Code Pain Body Index (PBI), and we pray that all beings may be free of suffering.

Yoga for meditation

Our confreres over at Shambala Sun have posted an excerpt from their July issue on the best yoga poses in advance of meditation. Relax and breathe.

Unlocking the mystery of migraines

Like one in 10 Americans today, Thomas Jefferson, Rudyard Kipling, Charles Darwin and Virginia Woolf all suffered from them — the debilitating headaches known as migraines.  Author Andrew Levy has written a eloquent personal and cultural history of the phenomena in A Brain Wider Than the Sky.  The book should make a good read both for “migraineurs” and their empathizers. Below is a list of alternative resources for migraine sufferers:

- Health and Age’s  catch-all migraines page includes several alternative treatments, including herbs, homeopathy and acupuncture

- FAQs.org offer a full list of natural cures

- About.com explores migraine cures in depth including: homeopathy, diet and acupuncture

- Since headaches can be caused by stress, meditation can be a good alternative to drugs

- According to some, migraines may actually derive from the the unseen world and require a spiritual response

Graffiti for peace in Israel/Palestine

The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis seems as intractable as the 400-mile long wall that now seperates much of Jerusalem from the West Bank. But where there’s art, there’s a way. For $40, a group of Dutch and Palestinian grafitti artists will tag that wall with your message of peace. (They don’t accept anti-Semitic or other ethnic slurs). To get your message posted, visit their website.

(Image by functoruser via Flickr, CC 2.0)

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