Spiritual Surf: Lisa Rinna’s peak experience while “Dancing with the Stars”

Lisa Rinna invents a new mind-body technique, “Rinnavation”; Obama goes to Notre Dame; Huston Smith, the world’s leading religious pluralist

lisarThe Hollywood actress (Entourage; Hannah Montana; Melrose Place, etc.), soap star (Days of our Lives) and Dancing with the Stars hoofer — has a new book out, Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever.

The cute term, “Rinnavation,” is her own euphemism for peak experience (because, hey, she knows her readers will want whatever she’s got), which the celeb said she had while a contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. “It sounds so crazy but dance touched my soul,” she told an Entertainment Weekly reporter.

While Rinna’s current Playboy May 2009 cover spread may give one cause to question that claim, Rumi famously said that the path to enlightenment is made of 77,000 baby steps. We hope that the dance steps that got her started carry her to a real Rinnavation.

So just what did Obama say at Notre Dame?

When it was announced that President Obama would give the class of 2009 commencement speech at Catholic Notre Dame University, it touched off a firestorm of controversy about the president’s views on abortion/choice. So what did he actually say? Read the trancript of Obama’s remarks here.

So where’s God, exactly?

Everywhere, according to Huston Smith, seeker and scholar. Smith began exploring and writing about faith in the 1950s. He spent 10 years living as a Muslim, 10 as a Buddhist, 10 as a Jew, and a lifetime as a Christian, and wrote about his experiences in many memorable books. His new book, Tales of Wonder, explores his epic personal journey.

healingWhen faith healing isn’t enough

We all believe in the power of positive thinking — and even laughter — to help treat our ailments. But sometimes that’s just not enough — sometimes we need medical intervention. Just ask the parents of Kara Neuman, who relied on faith alone to save their daughter from diabetes and are now facing criminal charges in the death of their 11-year-old. When in doubt, ask your doctor.

What’s love got to do with it? Buddhism and the rites of spring

Spring’s in the air and you know what that means — romance. But many Buddhists recognize that the rites of spring and the romantic passion it comes with is no panacea. Check out what American Buddhist monk, Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano (Leonard Price) has to say about it. (Hint: It ain’t gonna get you to Nibbana/ Nirvana).

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