New Age ‘No-tox’

People on a spiritual path who aren’t into Botox still care about beauty. Soul’s Code samples new non-invasive technologies

skindream_11Those who seek an inner-sense of knowing want to cleanse their tissue with yoga, organic foods and fasts — not inject it with a paralytic, neuro-toxin derived from botulism (one microgram of the stuff Botox is made from is lethal to humans). But many still want to look good, naked and otherwise.

Entrepreneurs are targeting this cross-over audience with launches of alternative skin technologies. These products haven’t hit the mainstream but are making the rounds at alternative health conferences; Soul’s Code checked out a few at the Conscious Life Expo — an annual mega-show at LAX that attracts tens of thousands of visitors:

SkinDream TITANIUM looks like a hand-held shower nozzle, and uses low-frequency sound waves (ultra-sound) to stimulate your skin — and “restore your natural beauty”Soul’s Code guinea pig: Was told that after a 10-minute glazing with the nozzle that the redness would be replaced with radiance; there was no visible change.

NuSkin Galvanic Spa System II looks like a razor but has no blades. It’s supposed to remove wrinkles using direct-current modulation according to a proprietary patent.

  • Soul’s Code guinea pig: Was told that he’d notice the difference the next morning after having half of his face treated; there was no difference between the “before” and “after” sides.

Pulsed Energy Replenisher: Promises to restore the overall health of your cells and boost your energy level using electro-magnetic pulses. You wear a device that resembles BOSE noise-reduction headphones connected to a box with the secret technology.

  • Soul’s Code guinea pig: “I am super-sensitive to auras and the energetic field, and I didn’t feel a thing.”

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Marianne’s mantra

We met Marianne Williamson at the same conference where we sampled the above products. Her daily mantra: Don’t be a danger to yourself

Oprah’s frequent guest, Marianne Williamson, has based her career on the modern-day bible of mysticism, A Course in Miracles. Williamson’s books are the Cliff Notes version of the dense tome (her words, not ours).

Williamson’s talks are punctuated with the tics of a motivational speaker like Tony Robbins but at a recent conference she headlined, she captured her audience with this funny insight:

All of you are like athletes who learned the skill of their sport but no longer train. You think that because you know how to do yoga, meditate or whatever, you no longer have to practice.

Let me tell you, if you do not do your meditation or spiritual practice every morning — You will be a danger to yourself, and others.

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  1. Just joined and looking forward to reading, learning and sharing more. I was curious about the GoSmile site and tried to go online only to read “this site may harm your computer”. So wondering how to find out more and why this site is being featured if it’s such a “dangerous” website?