“People v. The State of Illusion” and the state of spiritual cinema

In movie theaters now: A new docudrama in the tradition of What the Bleep do we know? and The Secret

The trailer: People v. The State of Illusion

A vanity project by a trial lawyer turned motivational guru? Writer and producer Austin Vicker’s website (video)

Recommended by Soul’s Code: European spiritual teacher Tony Samara’s short, Through the Static (video).

Where are they now? The Secret talking head James Arthur Ray serving two-year sentence in Buckeye, AZ’s Lewis prison.

The Secret creator Rhonda Byrne: No Google News since The New Yorker eviscerated her 2010 sequel

From the Soul’s Code archive: Spiritual teacher Byron Katie versus Oprah and The Secret

Where it all began: robber baron Andrew Carnegie and journalist Napoleon Hill, the father of the ‘Law of Attraction’

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