Spiritual Surf: Post-holiday desolation edition

Isabelle Caro passes, all is not as it seems with Hugh Heffner’s lasses, our leaders call us a ‘nation of wussies.’

Take down the tree. Clear up the dishes. Toss out the empty bottles. The holidays are over. There’s a lot of spiritual pain in the world. So if you’re feeling lost in life’s desolation right now know this: you’re not alone.

Sometimes, that spiritual hunger takes a very literal form. Read the sad story of Isabelle Caro, an anorexic model who spoke publicly about her issues, who has passed at 28

…meanwhile, in another hint that all is not as it seems behind the world’s facade of beauty and wealth, the Daily Mail writes of disarray at Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner’s home.

Don’t complain about our society’s growing hollowness, though: “We’re becoming a nation of wussies,” Pennsylvania’s governor says.

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