Spiritual Surf: Talking dirty turkey; when prayer is a cop-out, Drudge goes crazy over mental illness

State of American mental health; women in politics; Bible school blunder; inhumane farming on Thanksgiving platters

Drudge discovers that 1 in 5 Americans are mentally ill: Diseases of the mind contribute to risk of unemployment, substance abuse and suicide

Soul’s Code “broke” the story two years ago: The latest research says fully one-fifth of all of us in the U.S. will suffer clinical depression at some point in our lives. Today’s cocktail of scioeconomic triggers could lead to depression in record numbers

Piety or delusion? A man who fell off a cliff in his SUV is suing his Bible school drinking buddies for praying instead of calling police.

No friends in high places: Why so few women in politics? For one thing they’re not mean enough.

Pretty Shaman: The spiritual facets of recent Hindu convert Julia Roberts.

The high cost of cheap turkey: The founder of Niman Ranch explains how inhumane farming, lax enforcement of environmental laws, and tax subsidies make the birds inexpensive.

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