Spiritual Surf: Under a Mormon God

Will the values of our next President be made of the Mormon stuff?

What Mormon and Muslim fundamentalists share in common: Romney vs. Obama (Huffington Post)

Officially outlawed in the 19th Century when Utah joined the United States of America, polygamy makes for great ratings in award-winning 21st C  television. (LA Times)

On Broadway: Mormonism makes a blockbuster musical. (NY Observer)

Web 2.0: some of the hottest lifestyle bloggers are Mormons (Good Magazine)

Massachusetts and JFK redux:  Romney and religion. (Huffington Post)

Maureen Dowd: “the elite of the elite in the Mormon Church”   (New York Times)

Where Mitt’s Mormonism is an Achilles Heel: The South. (Media-ite)

Are you seduced by the LDS’s multi-million-dollar like-ability campaign? (Businessweek)


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