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Six ways compassion changed my life

Tired of situations that don’t resonate with you and your life? The secret of compassion

SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: DR. JEANINE AUSTIN — Many of the great spiritual teachers throughout time emphasize the power of love in action, also known as compassion. As a life coach who specializes in helping women, I often offer techniques that are love-based.

When I have clients who are seeking monumental shifts and changes, why mess with a weaker ideology?

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What happens in Haiti, doesn’t stay in Haiti

Will soul evolving strength and beauty emerge from the rubble of Haiti?

GUEST COLUMN BY CHELSEA LANGAN — It’s been a tough couple of days for Haitians, their families, and sympathetic souls around the world. The devastation that has unfolded in such an already grief stricken island seems catastrophic.

But on a positive note, I believe they’ve acquired a rare opportunity to rebuild their nation from the ground up with a new, uncanny, unprecedented strength and perception that has the potential to spread miracles to the rest of the world.

One might consider the damage from the earthquake a free demo, a courtesy, rather, from God himself.

Although many of the Haitian structures deemed sacred have been leveled, or re-leveled in some cases, I don’t question God’s testaments to the ephemeral.

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When anger is all the rage

The toll of road rage is harmful to yourself and other living things. One spiritual driver steers his emotions with a lesson from A Course in Miracles, Guy Finley and Leo Tolstoy

GUEST COLUMN: BRYAN WALTON — The dense traffic was inching along the highway and once again I was resigned to being home late that night. In the rear view mirror I caught a glimpse of a vehicle, about six cars back, sneak out onto the shoulder and accelerate past the slowly moving convoy. As the SUV drove by, I felt a wave of anger and resentment towards the inconsiderate driver.

But, almost immediately, I had a twinge of guilt for having such intense negative feelings; I consider myself a nice guy, laid-back, and tolerant. The guilt must have had an effect on me: within a couple of minutes, the feelings dissipated and I was back to my normal self.

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Farrah Fawcett a spiritual role model? She was for me

After Charlie’s Angels ended, Farrah embraced the divine

GUEST COLUMN: DR. JEANINE AUSTIN — Farrah Fawcett was a huge beauty icon for all of us who came of age in the ’70s. I didn’t know any 13-year-old girls that didn’t, in some way, try to copy the Farrah feathered hair style. In earnest, I took a photo of Farrah to my hairstylist who offered to create a variation of the Farrah hairstyle for me. I was completely deflated at the thought that my hair could not be made to resemble Farrah’s exactly.

I felt burdened by the injustice of it. I didn’t have blond hair, thick hair or wavy hair, which made my morning efforts with the curling iron laborious. I admit that I stayed home from school on several occasions simply because I couldn’t get the Farrah feathered hair down.

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