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Spiritual Surf: Why is Hangover II the highest-grossing comedy in history?

Spiritual Surf: Why is Hangover II the highest-grossing comedy in history?

Answer: We are as addicted as ever

Starbucks profits: Up 44% in last quarter (CBS)

Flower-power Boomers still drink too much booze: Over 60 (Geffen foundation)

1 in 5 educated geeks still, like, smoke: A creative-class confession (Guardian)

Post-Michael Jackson, we-are-the-world is still hooked on big pharma: $1 trillion (Forbes)

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Goals collecting dust?

Goals collecting dust?

Why we stagnate despite our best intentions to achieve greatness, overcome addictions and compulsions — or, like, just be happy.

BY MARY COOK — The next Pulitzer Prize winning novelist might be living next door to you but, for whatever reason, has yet to write a novel.

Your best friend might want to quit smoking but is on the porch having a smoke right this minute. Why?

What psychologists call associations.

Perhaps the non-writing writer associates hard work with her overbearing parents, and the smoker associates cigarettes with self-affirmation or self-pampering.

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Spiritual Surf: Dr. Drew in half-a-dozen steps (guest-starring Charlie Sheen)

Psychoanalysis of Charlie Sheen’s media-bender: Dr. Drew Pinsky does one-hour VH1 special, Winning . . . Or Losing It?

Sheen challenges Dr. Drew to a boxing match on L.A. radio station: “Me and Pinsky should jump in the ring — Bring it, little man!” (minute-9 of audio)

Dr. Drew fires White House gate-crasher from season 4 of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab: Michaele Salahi’s only addiction is to fame

Salon.com says VH1 should fire Dr. Drew: “Why it’s time to shut down Celebrity Rehab

Former patient of Dr. Drew dies after relapse: Ex-Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr pleaded for drugs on the day of his death

FLASHBACK! Stanton Peele takes a shot at Dr. Drew in Psychology Today: “. . . a media vulture circling the latest carrion.”

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The DNA of addiction

“The greater the disparity between our healthy needs and our childhood environment, the greater our focus on survival rather than maturation.”

BY MARY COOK — “But I’ve always been like this.”

“I’ll be hurt if I become vulnerable.”

“I’ll have no power if I don’t intimidate.”

“Without my character defects there’ll be nothing left of me.”

Those kind of thoughts usually come out in therapy. But many of us run on auto-pilot, and such archetypal ‘beliefs’ loop in auto-pilot in our unconscious mind — the operating system of our psyche.

And out of fear we hold ourselves hostage to defense mechanisms that keep us dysfunctional.

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