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A non-pharma cure for headaches, allergies and other ills

A non-pharma cure for headaches, allergies and other ills

A diet and digestion expert has developed an agent that doesn’t require a prescription — and promises better results than a pill made by AstraZeneca or GlaxoSmithKline. The new enzyme therapy.

BY ELLEN CUTLER —  Do you remember how you felt as a child — healthy, happy, bursting with energy and full of enthusiasm?  As the years pass, many of us lose our connection with that effervescent spirit.

Our sleep no longer refreshes us, and we become resigned to feeling fatigued, stressed, and/or fuzzy-headed.  Next to depression and allergies, lack of energy is the third-most prevalent ailment among adult Americans, affecting 33 million people.

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Spiritual Surf: The web 2.0 of self-help is the new, new thing

Spiritual Surf: The web 2.0 of self-help is the new, new thing

From sites like BlissTree to StarYoga, the Soul’s Code category is on fire

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: “Why men say ‘I love you’ for the wrong reasons” (BlissTree.com)

What do Russell Brand, Clint Eastwood and Jerry Seinfeld have in common? A short-list no more: Celebrities who meditate

Silicon Valley goes spiritual: Glam.com launches “Mind Body & Spirit” channel

Rice University, UTSA and University of Minnesota study: Sexual Signaling: Do You Think My Porsche is Sexy? (PsychCentral.com)

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When Voodoo becomes Can-do medicine

When Voodoo becomes Can-do medicine

Alternative healing and advanced science continue to converge — and leap-frog ahead of conventional wisdom

BY DAVID RICKEY and RICK LEED — As we evolve, both scientific researchers and esoteric healers have advanced new therapies to treat our bodies and our minds but when we first hear of some of them we make a snap judgement that this sounds too wacky to be legit. We use words like voodoo medicine or magical thinking.

Think back to examples like quinine and willow bark — the former a tribal medicine used by Peruvian Indians, the latter an ‘old wives’ remedy. In the modern age, the first was prescribed by doctors as a treatment for malaria and the second in derivative form as aspirin.

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How I’ve tried to purify my body – and do the same for my soul

How I’ve tried to purify my body – and do the same for my soul

A healing act where your religion and your body may meet

BY RICK LEED —  Anyone who watches any television, or spends any time on the world-famous Internet researching health and wellness, has run across the phrase: colon cleanse. First of all, what exactly is a colon?

We all apparently have one. Anatomical translation: the section of your digestive system, according to Gray’s Anatomy, that lies below your small intestines.

Some of the better-selling products promise — and seem to deliver (pun unavoidable) — the elimination of built-up colon corrosion, reduction of toxins, an energy-boost  . . . and bonus, weight reduction and even a flatter stomach.

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A new self-help technology that will literally make you smile

A new self-help technology that will literally make you smile

How to have teeth as white as a Hollywood star — and take your dentist out of the equation

BY SOUL’S CODE — One of the themes of this site is exploring techniques and tools that do an end-run around insurance companies and the medical establishment. If there are things that you can do on your own to improve your physical and emotional well-being, why pay a psychiatrist, a hospital or a doctor exorbitant fees?

So we occasionally check out new products like our review of facial scanners that we nicknamed “New Age Botox” (they promised to make you look healthier without sticking a needle in your skin). Unfortunately, we didn’t think those ones worked very well, if at all.

But now we’ve found a new use-at-home product that displays dramatic results.

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Six ways to insure your health yourself

Six ways to insure your health yourself

Why rely on the administration of drugs — or the Obama administration — to cure diseases if you can avoid getting sick in the first place? The worst culprits, including heart disease and many forms of cancer, are preventable with some basic self-care.

BY VAISHALI — The largest generation in history, the post-WWII Baby Boomers (76 million people in the U.S., alone), are entering their peak need for care. And those of us affected by a U.S. health-care reform led by President Obama may end up (or not) at the government’s mercy to nurse what ails us. In the name of self-preservation, here are six highly-effective, do-it-yourself tips to keep the doctor away, and aging at bay.

Six ways to enhance your health and vitality

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My “dream” career

An Irish immigrant and psychologist with a love of sleep, dreams up a new reality from a mystical past

GUEST COLUMN: HELENA DALY — I am as Irish as Irish can be . . . a nomad, a bit of a gypsy from the West of Ireland’s wild rugged beauty. On a visit home a few years ago, I sat in the kitchen one morning having a cup of infamous Irish tea, and watched with amusement out of the corner of my eye, my dad (who is now 82). Seemingly lost in his own world, he would shake his head every few minutes.

So I said, “Dad, did you sleep okay?”

“No,” came the energetic response.

“Why not?” I asked, to which he responded: “They came again.”

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garden of eden

Meet the next Carlos Castaneda

Tony Samara’s code for a daily spiritual dose: selfless service and treating your body as a temple

Tony Samara, founder of the eponymous, non-profit organization, The Samara Foundation for the Evolution of Human Consciousness, lived for several years in a Zen Buddhist monastery.

After leaving the monastery, Tony traveled to the jungles of the Amazon and the Andes, where he lived and studied among a community of shamans.

Soul’s Code: What secrets did you learn from the healers and holy men?

Tony: I worked with many shamans in the jungles and mountains of South America. It is difficult to put into words all the learnings, but one could summarize the essence as being a profound respect for nature and its inherent cycles that help sustain life. That humans can utilize nature to enhance their joy, gives this realm meaning.

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A holistic prescription to swine flu

From herbs to T-Tapp exercises and cold-laser treatments, the key is boosting your lymphatic system

GUEST COLUMN: VAISHALI — At the end of June, 2009, the U.S. Center for Disease Control estimated that one million Americans had contracted swine flu.  In July, after more than two dozen deaths, Britain’s National Health Service budgeted for a worst-case scenario of 65,000 swine flu *mortalities* in 2009.

What is our holistic prescription to H1N1? Protect, strengthen and support the immune system, the body’s first line of defense. Here’s why.

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Spiritual Surf: Tiller assassination and the Pain Body Index, yoga for meditation, curing migraines, and graffiti for peace

Thou shalt not kill?

Anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder allegedly took the ultimate step in his cause when he shot and killed an abortion doctor, George Tiller, while Tiller was attending church. When Roeder was formally charged with first degree murder, reaction from the religious right’s anti-abortion community was swift and predictably ugly. Twitter posts from the fringe said things like: “Oh, happy, day. Tiller the baby killer is dead” and, “God bless the gunman.”  This tragedy is another exhibit for the Soul’s Code Pain Body Index (PBI), and we pray that all beings may be free of suffering.

Yoga for meditation

Our confreres over at Shambala Sun have posted an excerpt from their July issue on the best yoga poses in advance of meditation. Relax and breathe.

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