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How your pet shares your emotions

Secrets of a real-life horse whisperer

BY JENNIFER SCALIA  — If we conduct a collective check-in on how we relate to animals, some of Hollywood is a barometer. Birds, as in Hitchcock’s 1963 film with Tippi Hedren, may be feared. Rats (Willard) and snakes (Samuel Jackson) are to be loathed.

But horses, from Gladiator to Westerns to the Horse Whisperer, deserve our love.

I had never learned to ride a horse before doing healing work with this species that bred movie stars but I saw the Robert Redford movie and loved the book by Nicholas Evans — one of the few I could actually get myself to read back then.

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In to Africa

In to Africa

Our evolutionary origins lie in Africa. We share 98% of our DNA with chimps. A peak experience and political story about a chimp in Africa.

BY G. PASCAL ZACHARY — There’s a collective code that asks Christians to be their brother’s keeper.  Buddhists go a step deeper, and embrace a first principle that we are not distinct entities at all but plot-points along a continuum of being called consciousness.

Well, I’m Jewish. And I’m a secular one at that. So a code that I go to is Darwin’s intersection with DNA.

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How to say goodbye to an animal you’ve loved

An animal communicator talks about the complexities surrounding the decision to let your friend pass on

GUEST COLUMN: KAREN ANDERSON — One of the most difficult decisions we will ever make is when to say goodbye to our beloved animal companions.

Those of you who have struggled with this painful decision know the ups and downs of your emotions, the guilt, the uncertainty and the sadness of it all.

You are not alone in your pain. I receive many calls from distraught humans in the same situation who just want to be sure the time is right.  Although their situations are each different and unique, the ultimate result is the same.

They have made the decision to end their animal’s life. . .

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How I learned to love reiki

Once a clueless novice, a writer shares how she learned to stop worrying — and was inspired to become certified as a Reiki master. If you have ever had children . . .

BY MARLENE SATTER — Anyone who’s ever sat in a doctor’s office and steamed, waiting sometimes for hours to be seen — only to be given the bum’s rush once inside the doctor’s office — ought to consider Reiki as a self-help technique for your mind-body toolkit.

Also, if you have ever had children or animals, and have ever felt helpless when they were ill or hurt, think of Reiki as something you can add to your home’s First Aid kit, while you wait for medical help (or simply lessen the side-effects of allopathic treatments). Sometimes you might find that Reiki is all that was needed!

In 2002, I discovered the power of Reiki first-hand (pun unavoidable

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Spiritual Surf: Michael Vick worse than the Taliban

Spiritual Surf: Michael Vick worse than the Taliban

Dogfighting quarterback: “In My Defense, I’ve Found God”

Multimillionaire NFL quarterback Michael Vick goes on record for staging dog fights. If you listen to the first three minutes of that clip, it sounds like an apology.

Then, Vick finds God: “In this situation I found Jesus and asked him for forgiveness, and just turned my life over to god. I think that’s the right thing to do as of right now.”

The religious rhetoric re-emerges toward the end when Vick says: “I will redeem myself. I have to.”

It’s great that Michael Vick apologized. Long overdue in fact. Dogfighting really isn’t in the pantheon of Christian activities. In fact, it’s not even cool. Even the Taliban banned dogfighting in Afganistan (You remember them –they were the guys who  hosted bin Ladn and the mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheik Mohammed — and destroyed ancient Buddhist statues at Bamiyan.)

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