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Why Halo Reach, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Final Fantasy are a religious experience

SPIRITUAL IQ QUIZ — Religions channel the fears and aspirations of our collective unconscious through archetypal images and stories. That’s why the religious enterprise has been so successful for such a long period of time.

And maybe it’s also why video games are the fastest-growing form of modern entertainment.

If you don’t think video games are also spiritual, you simply haven’t played very many. Video games are rooted in the same myths and archetypes that have shaped us for millennia.

The key difference: video games put the audience in the middle of the action, whether that means blasting armies of alien invaders in Halo Reach or fighting with crooks and your own conscience in Grand Theft Auto IV.

So before you put down the genre, pick up a controller. And click on the radio buttons below to test how much you really know about the spiritual side of video games . . .

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On relationships: need versus fidelity

On relationships: need versus fidelity

If trust is about truth, no wonder we find it more difficult to look into each other’s eyes than to have sex together

BY DAVID RICKEY – In Woody Allen’s latest film of dysfunction, You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger, Gemma Jones’ character says, “My husband walked out on me for one simple reason. I was too honest with him. I refused to allow him to delude himself.”

Truth, lies, seeing, blindfolding . . . having too much of one, and too little of the other, can tip the scales in a relationship, destroying trust.

Trust is really a question of energy flow.

When I truly love you, my energy flows positively out toward you. When I trust you, I believe that your energy will flow positively toward me.

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Discovering the spirituality of tattoos

Michelle Obama is sans tattoos because “polite society” still frowns upon them. But body-art has a long, sacred tradition. A Boomer’s tattoo confession.

Photo by Paul Clark RGD

GUEST COLUMN: MARY GIUFFRE — I wear two tattoos.  The top of my left arm hosts an OM symbol, which, to my mind, reinforces my commitment to a spiritual path.  In the same spot on my right arm (that’s me, stage left) is an icon of an energetic spiral, a reflection of our very galaxy.

I love body art! And talk about an archetype, the first tattoo I ever remember seeing was on the forearm of a wrinkled, unassuming sailor.  It was a bell, faded by time but I loved the way it shifted and melted when his aged muscle flexed.

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Godfather of American psychology, JAMES HILLMAN, endorses Obama, gives him a clean bill of mental health, disses Hillary (We let Obama Girl do “the work”, below)

Freud was raised in Vienna, Austria — and died in London.Jung was born in Switzerland three decades later, died in Switzerland two weeks after the outbreak of WWII.

Who can America claim as a founding father of modern pscyh? James Hillman is probably the best candidate: born in New Jersey, intellectually-bred by Jung — and still breathing.

Hillman is using his incredible cred to boost Obama — and carpet-bomb Hillary.

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Addiction: 9 Causes and Cures

Addiction: 9 Causes and Cures


If you believe that consciousness, as opposed to physical objects, is the seat of reality and this thing we call life then at the deepest level an addiction represents an energetic imbalance in your system. It’s as if your sixth chakra (mind) and fourth chakra (heart) are out of alignment.

If you can see addiction as an energetic dissociative disorder, no one describes it better than Caroline Myss:

Will is an energy. Every thought is a choice. Every word in your head is a choice. You don’t realize how many choices you make all the time. Without a unified or congruent energy your will will find something to give it stability.

One of the reasons it’s so hard to break an addiction is because from an energetic point of view you are withdrawing your spirit from a continuity, and you’re allowing your head and heart to make contact with each other perhaps for the first time ever.

In The Language of Archetypes, Myss doesn’t recommend asking, What would Jesus or the Buddha do? in this or that situation. Her prescription is . . .

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