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Spiritual Surf: Zimbabwe’s Jews, remaining young, sororities, Islam, small talk, and Guantanomo Bay doctors

Zimbabwe’s modern Jews with ancient roots

Proving that the world is a much smaller place than we thought, and how interconnected we all are, DNA tests have confirmed that a tribe in Zimbabwe has Jewish roots. While the Lemba tribe shares many things in common with Jews (wearing skullcap head coverings, circumcision, avoidance of eating pork), the relationship is more than skin deep.  British scientists have confirmed that members of the Lemba are genetically descended from semitic ancestors, probably a small group of Jewish men immigrating from Syria-Palestine over a thousand years ago. Not to mention the Lemba hold a sacred artifact believed to be part of the Ark of the Covenant.

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Spiritual Surf: the gospel according to Elton John, Tiger Woods goes back to Buddhism, and more

Mawlid, birthday of Muhammad

This Friday Sunni Muslims across the world will celebrate Mawlid, the birthday of the prophet Muhammad.  Though the celebration is centuries old, historically Muslims were divided over the issue of permiting the holiday and how it should be celebrated (maybe it appeared too similar to that religious birthday among Christian neighbors: Christmas).  Festive processions and parties can be found in several nations, particularly in India, and though Mawlid is celebrated in nearly all Muslim nations, Saudia Arabia (the birth place of Islam) has not made Mawlid an official holiday.

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