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Hollywood milks Mayan Armageddon

Global warming, Mid-East nukes and economic distress? No worries! It’s only the end of the world as we know it, in Roland Emmerich’s third disaster movie. This time, it gets spiritual

BY SOUL’S CODE — When Spanish adventurers, centuries after the Conquest, stumbled upon Mayan ruins in the jungles of present-day Mexico, they surmised that the monuments were created by Mediterranean transplants — survivors of Noah’s flood, or perhaps trans-Atlantic commuters who sailed between ancient Egypt or Rome and meso-America.

When archeologists completed the decryption of Mayan hieroglyphs after World War II, they proved beyond a doubt that the lost civilization was indigenous, and that the region’s Indian tribes were its descendants.

The Mayan mystique was born: their biggest pyramids are essentially giant sundials and calendars. The inscriptions accurately forecast solar eclipses to this day, and document the orbits of Mercury, Mars and Venus.

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Spiritual Surf: Armaggedon, Lindsay Lohan, Hare Krishnas, and Religious Violence


The new film, “Waiting for Armaggedon“, is an hour-long documentary examining how some US Evangelical Christians are awaiting the end-of-days. Their highest hopes are aligned with planetary destruction, a rapture of Christians up to heaven, pre-tribulation with the Anti-Christ’s one-world government, all before a millennial reign of Jesus on earth.

Is this typical Christianity?  To paraphrase Harold Bloom’s critique of the “American Religion”: Christianity in America is not so much Christian as it is American.

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