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A New Year’s mantra

A New Year’s mantra

A meditation to de-stress for the post-2012 era

— January in northern California is usually a time of rain, cold, and a psychic hangover from the double-barreled Christmas and New Year holidays, which can tend to be anything but Holy days. After getting swept up in the maelstrom, let’s step back a bit a get some perspective. Thanksgiving is a good place to begin as both a word and place in time.

Being grateful for what we have, for what we experience — even for who we are — has a major effect on our daily life.

Gratitude comes from an awareness that this is not all just an accident. This morning, as I left for work, at about 5:30am . . .

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How to create spiritual love scenes

How to create spiritual love scenes

I makenamaste” my daily mantra for all of my relationships

GUEST COLUMN: REV. CRISS ITTERMANN, 2nd of two parts —The Sanskrit term “Namasté” (nah-mahs-tay) is loosely translated to mean  “I honor the Spirit in you.”  It is a word for the feeling of our Higher Self greeting or recognizing the Higher Self of another.

It is recognizing the divinity in others, the connection between all things, the reflection of our own sacredness when we see the sacredness of another.  I suggest using Namasté when you mean it, when you feel the connection with another person and are sourced in your own sacredness.

During this celebration of sacred and unconditional love, remember to be sourced in your own sacred higher powers, and to recognize that higher power in others.  Use this day as an opportunity to go out of your way to honestly say, “Namasté,” to everyone you greet.

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On 9/11, we pray

A spiritual teacher’s meditation and affirmation for this anniversary of fear and terror

GUEST COLUMN: RONDA LARUE — 9/11 is, and was, a big wake up call to witness the internal machinations of fear, and its multi-faced projections. And as with all tragedies, it is a call to dive deeper under the ruble of suffering, shock, and reaction to reclaim an ecology of the heart.

Spinning on a Prayer…

In our greatest imaginings
who could dream a world such as this?

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One hundred ways to Create Change Now: Reflections for Personal Transformation

Soul’s Code invites you to enjoy two excerpts from our contributor, CARI LAGRANGE MURPHY’s book

Inner Yearnings Require Outward Expression

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

Don’t leave this life with all of the precious music of your heart still inside you! You have been given a sense of passion that is unique. What is it that drives your personal feeling of inspiration from the inside out? What activities generate enthusiasm, spiritual pleasure, and undeniable bliss within you?

Pay attention to the purposeful inner yearnings that desire outward expression. Your life is meant to be embraced and lived as fully and completely as possible.

Recognize that you are worthy of taking the time for yourself that allows you to engage in the manifestation of your passions and dreams.

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A first-person prescription for job-loss

As a producer in the revolving-door of media, Heli knows job loss. Here’s how she accepts the day she gets the news

GUEST COLUMN: HELI TUOMI CARLILE— I have a positive approach to job losses. I always try to welcome them as signs from the universe, signs that it’s time to move on to a new adventure, painful as it may be at the time.

Clichéd as it may sound, in these moments I visualize “one door closing, but others opening,” even though I can’t quite see what lies behind those new doors.

This technique hasn’t failed me yet, and I have come through some tough emotional times with that reassurance, finding fabulous new adventures and opportunities that have gotten better and better.

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Why 2008 was spiritually great

A piece of you: Soul’s Code readers report a year’s worth of their spiritual highs

SOUL’S CODE — The late, great 2008 was a perfect storm for pessimists. They glommed onto the fact that it was the worst year for the stock market since The Great Depression ($7 trillion vaporized). And rightfully mourned the bombing into oblivion of thousands during ‘surges’ in Iraq, Gaza and Georgia. On top of that, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (left, with Mia Farrow, 3 Beatles and a Beach Boy),  Arthur C. Clarke and Alexander Solzhenitsyn died.

Those negative notes didn’t faze the spirit of Soul’s Code readers and writers, though. We embraced a glass half-full openness to adventure.

Thank you for giving us your spiritual highs of the past year. We call them peak experiences. You call them whatever you like: they are miracles of your own making.

From Sweden to South Africa, may these 12 first-person accounts help inspire the time you have in 2009:

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sex and the city

My golden rule for a post-Bush, post-Ike, post-Wall St. life…

Guidance from a homeless man on a beach and Thoreau: disasters, money meltdowns and loss are blessings in disguise

BY VAISHALI — I was talking with a loved one who rode out Hurricane Ike on Galveston Island on the gulf coast of Texas. The Island took a big hit with a 14-foot storm surge, 120 mph winds and torrential rain. As will happen in the aftermath of a storm of this magnitude, a significant amount of the residents’ possessions were destroyed.

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