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Author Jennifer Scalia

Why I had cosmetic surgery, and then un-did it

What others thought of me on the outside, mattered. My true make-over happened on the inside.

BY JENNIFER SCALIA — I am an American-born woman, raised — and still living in — the near-geographical center of the continental U.S.

St. Louis is my home, and is always on the move (a transportation hub for the country . . . no wonder the biggest moving company in the world, United Van Lines, is headquartered here).

My family? Literally middle America.

In this time and place — actually, it was ’97 (wow, that seems so long ago) — I somehow conceived that I had a “small” physical imperfection in my upper-body that needed an amendment.

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5 forbidden foods: Why you can’t eat anything at all

5 forbidden foods: Why you can’t eat anything at all

Foods we once thought were healthy alternatives are now off the menu — starting with your daily (whole-grain) bread.

We’ve joked about it at dinner parties. We’ve read all the same articles, talked to our doctors, and reached the same realization: You can’t eat anything anymore. Soul’s Code canvassed its community of experts about the latest research into conscious dining:

1. Soy, it sucks

The world’s most famous cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Rey, is ultra body-conscious both inside and out. And Rey, a.k.a. Dr. 90210, is highly conscious about what he puts into his own body. Dr. Rey is the author of a 2.0 version of the Paleo diet.

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