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Spiritual Surf: Diwali, Mother Teresa, Angel Valley deaths, the Bab’s birthday

Obama lights up the White House for the Goddess of Wealth (and no, it’s not Oprah). In another first for Nobel Prize winner Barack Obama, he became the first  US President to honor Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains by lighting a symbolic diya/lamp in the White House and wishing everyone a “Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak.”

The Secret’s Out for Oprah Guru: Police in Angel Valley are showing  no mercy in pursuing James Arthur Ray, as Oprah’s Self-help Guru sweats out  homicide charges in the Sedona sweat lodge murder investigation.

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Courteney Cox in Cougar Town

Spiritual Surf: Amazing Race Karma, Arthur Koestler, Courtney Cox

The cosmic side of Courtney Cox; B.F. Skinner and Arthur Koestler redux; Does ABC’s Amazing Race have any grace?

“Amazing Race” had its 2009 premier this week. And so you say, So?!

It just happens to have a lot of spirituality. When a show clones the Victorian-era, global-village meme of Around the World in 80 Days, it’s hard to avoid.

Guess the most common word uttered on this smash-hit reality TV series:


Karma is routinely invoked by on-camera competitors who explain and complain about the good, the bad, and the ugly consequences that go down during the journey.

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A body-worker works his own body with somatic knowing

Call it self-pleasuring, call it masturbation, call it whatever you want. But is it “spiritual”?

GUEST COLUMN: ED EHRGOTT — Coming to terms with my identity as a gay man in my early 20’s was the final reason for me to sever my connection to the Catholic Church; for many years, I had no spiritual identity or practice at all.

Raised Catholic, I vividly recall learning that sex and spirit were apparently two different things.

Spirit (which for many of us meant religion) was “good,” while sex was presented as something vile, and sometimes “evil.”

Spirituality was presented in the context of “proper behavior,” which usually meant not paying any attention to your body. In fact, it often meant denying any sexual feelings.

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Spiritual Surf: Kennedys, the new anti-atheists, spiritual brain power, and Tweeting God

As The Vatican, the American Public and Republican Christians remain divided on Ted Kennedy’s “State of Grace” and “very Catholic Funeral”, US scholars debate new ways to communicate with, or ex-communicate, God. Soul’s Code highlights the great divide!

Where Americans disagree: “Kennedy funeral rings with hope, Twitter with vitriol”

Edward Moore Kennedy wrote to the Pope: “I’ve never failed to believe”

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Spiritual Surf: Eckhart Tolle on Michael Jackson, gay marriage and the Book of Common Prayer, and mathematical meditation

According to the spiritual teacher and modern-day mystic, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Jackson was not a successful entertainer so much for his technical virtuosity. Instead, Jackson made a connection with gazillions of people because he was a portal into consciousness and presence. A quote from a rare Tolle lecture, Living a Life of Inner Peace:

You’ll probably laugh but I saw Michael Jackson on TV the other day. Even if you say that he’s strange, he’s weird  — that’s what people say — the moment he goes into the music mode, something takes over. Woosh. Wow. What was that? He actually said that you can’t think, it doesn’t come from thinking. You can learn the externals but not the essence. So the moment he switches into music notes, an energy takes over. It’s beautiful.

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Spiritual Surf: Episcopalians and Catholics on Twitter and Facebook, E-consciousness, Roger Ebert on reincarnation, Julia Roberts in India and Madonna in Poland

Controversial and visionary British bishop, Jonathan Blake (head of the Open Episcopal Church) has denounced the head of the Roman Catholic church in England and Wales for portraying Facebook as a suicide risk.

The object of his dissent: Catholic Archbishop Vincent Nichols believes that social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook increase the risk of teen suicide and un-fulfilling transient relationships.

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Spiritual Surf: Vatican gives Half-Blood Prince thumbs up, Mira Sorvino’s miracle baby, and an eye on Oprah

We surf Oprah . . . so you don’t have to

The L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, has given Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a four star rating.

Not overly concerned that most of the characters are witches and warlocks, the article praises the movie for its values of “friendship, altruism, loyalty and self-giving.”  Catholic News Service.

Mira’s miracle?

One wonders if the word “miraculous” is getting too much play.  Mira Sorvino’s third child has been called a “miracle baby.”

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Are you clinging to your mate out of financial fears? Here’s a clue

These aren’t “The Rules” that Oprah loves. DAVID RICHO’s arise out of Buddhism, a Catholic priesthood and depth psychology

SOUL’S CODE —  Shrunken stock portfolios, canceled checks, and an unemployment rate in the double-digits indicate that couples who are distressed in their relationships today will stick together tomorrow.

Stick it out, rather than walk out is a distinctly anti-Me Generation response to fear and unmet wants — the opposite of the Baby Boomer ethic of autonomy and desire-fulfillment.

The polar-opposite is our parents’ and grandparents’ code for survival — a Survivor-response to love and relationships forged in the scarcity of The Depression’s and WWII.

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Spiritual Surf: ‘Headscarf martyr’, the science of afterlife, forgiveness in print, gender-bending priest

“Headscarf martyr” mourned in Egypt

An Egyptian woman stabbed to death in a German courtroom was mourned by a throng of people in Alexandria, Egypt, July 7, 2009. Marwa al-Sherbini, 32 years old and pregnant, was allegedly attacked in court during a case in which a neighbor accused her of being a “terrorist” for wearing traditional Muslim garb. This is what’s in the air over there: President Nicolas Sarkozy has made waves over the past few weeks by advocating a ban of wearing burkas in public.

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