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The Soul’s Code Spiritual IQ Quiz: Who is the most enlightened celeb?

The Soul’s Code Spiritual IQ Quiz: Who is the most enlightened celeb?

Celebrities are seekers, too. So who has more soul: Paris Hilton, Madonna, or Kathy Griffin?

While wealthy stars may have allegedly inherited the earth, they are often as spiritually-impoverished as any of us.

Driven by their demons and DUI’s, public break-ups and private meltdowns, the rich and famous seek instant-karma in everything from crystal energy healing and kabbalah to talk therapy and tantric sex.

Or in Paris Hilton’s case, they parachute a Hollywood holy man into their entourage (Maxie Santillan).

We invite you to test your knowledge of celebs who may, or may not, have soul in a material world.

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A psychotherapist diagnoses Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, Season 3

Does the Vh1 reality series do anything for un-famous addicts, or is it just voyeurism?

The cast of Celeb Rehab 3

BY DAVID RICKEY — One only has to watch the intake interviews for Celebrity Rehab, the reality show on the VH1 cable channel hosted by Pasadena-based Dr. Drew Pinsky, to see that cast members like Dennis Rodman, Tom Sizemore and Heidi Fleiss have more issues going on than just addiction, either to drugs and alcohol, or certain patterns of behavior. (Exhibit: country singer Cindy McCready, who was addicted to an abusive boyfriend).

This points, then, to the major drawback of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab — and rehab in general.

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Spiritual Surf: Akon angers Buddhists, Social networking not evil, Woman positive Sweden

Akon VS Buddhists; Disabled community embraces social networking; mystery of Shroud of Turin may finally be solved


Sri Lanka shows no love for rapper Akon: Bikini babes and Buddha in videos don’t mix on Sinhalese Buddhists’ watch.

Social networking more than idle chat to disabled: People gaining a community and “family” online.

Don’t want to face your therapist?  New research shows therapy by teleconference as effective as face to face.

Sweden voted No. 1 place for women to live: Flexible gender roles part of the reason.

Just in time for Easter! If new “gas” method is allowed, it may successfully date the Shroud of Turin.

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