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The new improved way to get stoned

The new improved way to get stoned

Hint: It isn’t meth. Simply holding a few colored gemstones healed my mind, body and spirit. Crystals rock!

BY SUSANNA BELLINI — I once met a woman, a former geologist who after years of handling stones eventually discovered they held energetic and spiritual properties. She left geology to become a healer.

Years later, at a very low point in my life where I struggled in an unhappy relationship and was about to lose a big freelance IT contract, that woman—and my own experience with her healing stones—kept coming to mind.

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My ‘baby mission’ was accomplished with the help of Reiki

A reiki master in her late 30′s describes how she used the body-work technique to help conceive her first child

BY DANA L. YOUNG — Can practicing reiki help you if your goal is to become a mother? I had already been practicing reiki when I became pregnant in 2006. I’m in my late 30’s and had anticipated a long wait while trying to conceive. Imagine my surprise when I found out I was expecting after only two months!

I instinctively knew that reiki had helped me — and as a reiki practitioner, I have seen it help clients of mine conceive after trying fertility treatments without success.

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The karma of Barack Obama versus Hillary Clinton

The “bitter” quote? The elitist rap? The Democratic primary is a proxy war between a low-chakra candidate (with beer below) and a high-chakra one

BY PAUL KAIHLA —  John McCain argued that Barack Obama’s reading of blue-collar voters in Pennsylvannia is “elitist,” and represents a “fundamental contradiction of what I believe America’s all about.”

At the umpteenth Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton said Obama is “elitist, out of touch and, frankly, patronizing.”

In the argot of public relations firms, those were killer ‘key messages’ to put Obama in a reactive mode for his candor at a San Francisco fundraiser on April 6 (listen to the recording). But if you pull the camera back for a moment, Obama’s take on Reagan Democrats who go right-wing on social issues exquisitely mirrors the received wisdom among leading figures in transpersonal psychology and the spiritual self-help movement.

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Addiction: 9 Causes and Cures

Addiction: 9 Causes and Cures


If you believe that consciousness, as opposed to physical objects, is the seat of reality and this thing we call life then at the deepest level an addiction represents an energetic imbalance in your system. It’s as if your sixth chakra (mind) and fourth chakra (heart) are out of alignment.

If you can see addiction as an energetic dissociative disorder, no one describes it better than Caroline Myss:

Will is an energy. Every thought is a choice. Every word in your head is a choice. You don’t realize how many choices you make all the time. Without a unified or congruent energy your will will find something to give it stability.

One of the reasons it’s so hard to break an addiction is because from an energetic point of view you are withdrawing your spirit from a continuity, and you’re allowing your head and heart to make contact with each other perhaps for the first time ever.

In The Language of Archetypes, Myss doesn’t recommend asking, What would Jesus or the Buddha do? in this or that situation. Her prescription is . . .

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Yoga, Prana, Love

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