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Spiritual Surf: Beatles & Jesus, Madonna, Obama, “Guiding Light”

The Beatles vs. Jesus; Madonna at the MTV Awards; Obama talks healthcare; and the demise of Sunday’s “Guiding  Light”

Rock Band; Beatlemania returns but are they still more popular than Jesus?

“I  never had a Mother, he never had a childhood” Madonna pays tearful farewell to MJ

“Guiding Light,” debuted on the radio on Jan. 25, 1937 ; Time magazine had just described television as “science which shows no serious signs yet of becoming an industry

“Health Care I own it” Preaching to the unconverted, Obama Tells 60 Minutes in White House Interview he will be ultimately responsible for legislation

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Is your ‘essence of being’ the same thing as your ‘inner child’?

The Indian poet Nachi Ma’s view of a child’s wisdom isn’t the street-smarts in Slumdog Millionaire.  It’s a theory of consciousness

SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: NACHI MA — I feel that there is lot of wisdom rooted in childhood that is ignored, or not recognized because we never assume or look that way.

When a child is probing us with open, transparent eyes perhaps he is not looking at us from mere innocence perhaps there is something more there.

Maybe we need to look at it not in relation of being an adult to child but with an inquisitive mind to let the beauty and truth inside a child be revealed to us.

This poem is about the child in us all . . . the inner child that we carry . . . no matter what our age.

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From sinner to saint: My beginner’s mind

“Work was my compulsion; the admiration of others, my addiction. Taking back my life was a labor of love”

DATELINE, British Columbia: DAWN DANCING OTTER — I was raised a Christian. My family, for many generations (so far as I know) has been Christian of one denomination or another. When I was a child, I loved God with a child’s conviction. I was fairly certain that God was an old man, kind of an angry one, with a beard, who lived in the sky. I would pray to the old man every night and sometimes all day long. . . please help me, I feel alone, God.

I wanted God’s approval SO badly. There was literally no way to receive it, though, because I was told I was already a sinner.

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the translator

A book that changed my life: The Translator

Optimism blossoms amid the horror that is Darfur, even without Angelina Jolie

BY AMY LEASK — Crises in other countries often come to my attention by way of biased media accounts, or through celebrity crusades like Angelina Jolie’s whatever, in wherever, spot news. The Translator, however, is different. This book is written from the inside — that is, an insider’s experience of a region fraught with political and pain-body upheaval.

True to its title, I experienced the book as a bridge between my Western schooling and the very real people struggling in Darfur.

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Living in fear: Being raised by a mentally ill mom was like walking on eggshells

Part 1 of 4: It was when her voice was devoid of emotion that I feared her the most

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — I didn’t know when it started. I still don’t, and probably never will know. My mother changed. Around other people she was cheery, always a bubbly personality. Being the offspring of a master chameleon, I’ve adapted that same mask. I can smile at you with bright blue-gray eyes twinkling, when inside, my heart is in night terrors.

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Jesus Camp and the Excited States of America

Jesus Camp and the Excited States of America

A documentary about fundamentalist day-camping depicts another theological, spiritual and cultural divide between red and blue states

BY SOUL’S CODE — Introducing the new documentary, Jesus Camp, and a new tire-fire in America’s religious wars. According to an account in The L.A. Times the filmmakers are being terrorized:

When Fischer arrived home Tuesday after a few days touring with the filmmakers, her e-mail inbox was loaded with hate mail. She spent the next two days writing lengthy explanations to the most common accusations – “How dare you brainwash those kids!” and “Are you raising up Christian terrorists or another Hitler Youth movement?” – then posted them on her website Tuesday.

“I’ve gotten thousands of hits on my website from those people,” she said. “I’m wearing sunglasses in the airports. It’s really making me nervous.”

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