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The Origin of Species

Spiritual IQ Quiz: Is the ‘genius gene’ good for your health?

From Stephen Hawking to Steve Jobs, big minds have changed your life. The saying goes that theses geniuses are born with a good-luck gene . . . or are they?

SOUL’S CODE — Every parent in America wants their kid to be the next gal or guy who changes the world.

But some of the people who actually did change our lives led extremely painful lives themselves, beyond their controllable lifestyle choices.

So we ask: Would you wish the genius gene upon your kids, or just as well leave that DNA alone?

Click on the radio buttons below to see what the likes of Oprah, Arthur Schopenhauer and Obama share in common — or not:

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What is the most spiritual movie, ever? Here are 12 nominees

We’ve expanded our slide show, Transcendental Movies, from 9 classics to 12. Our new additions: Fur, Being John Malkovich and Last Year at Marienbad

BY SOUL’S CODE — That last choice, Marienbad is set in a mid-century, is a 1961 classic by the French “new wave” director, Alain Resnais). Set in an upper class Grand Tour-like spa in Germany, it is the oldest film in our pantheon of spiritual cinema — and about our favorite because of its parallels with an ABC TV series that came along four decades later.  LOST

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One hundred ways to Create Change Now: Reflections for Personal Transformation

Soul’s Code invites you to enjoy two excerpts from our contributor, CARI LAGRANGE MURPHY’s book

Inner Yearnings Require Outward Expression

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot

Don’t leave this life with all of the precious music of your heart still inside you! You have been given a sense of passion that is unique. What is it that drives your personal feeling of inspiration from the inside out? What activities generate enthusiasm, spiritual pleasure, and undeniable bliss within you?

Pay attention to the purposeful inner yearnings that desire outward expression. Your life is meant to be embraced and lived as fully and completely as possible.

Recognize that you are worthy of taking the time for yourself that allows you to engage in the manifestation of your passions and dreams.

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Laura Hollick explains her spiritual definition of physical beauty

“Before I learned how to know who I am from the inside-out, I thought I needed to become a model to be beautiful.”

GUEST COLUMN: LAURA HOLLICK — “People feel ugly when they look at beauty magazines.” 

I heard this saying and I thought it was ironic. . . Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever compared yourself to someone in a magazine and felt like you didn’t measure up, or have you thought, “if I just change these things about myself then I’ll be beautiful”?

I’d like to share a story with you about my quest to understand beauty. . .

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“From my Creative Heart to Yours”: A dancer, writer and artist dishes on her creative process, how to channel your inner voice — and fill yourself with passion and ecstasy


As an artist running my own studio, the conveniently-named Soul Art Studio, I often get asked about the creative process — and how my art comes together. One of the biggest topics revolves around ‘where’ the art comes from.

The questions often have this flavor:

How do you know when it is your inner voice and not just your rational mind telling you another “should”?

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Power 10

Rowing, endorphins and pain management: Power Ten

BY SOUL’S CODE — Rowing is a grueling sport. The 2000 meter races generally last about six minutes but your body goes to anerobic respiration, and produces painful lactic acid in your muscles, within the first 90 seconds.

Preparing your mind can be as an important as training your muscles. You have to stay strong for the entire race, no matter how tired your body tells you it is. It requires you to accept pain without letting it cause you to suffer.

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