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Spiritual Surf: Meet four online horsemen of the apocalypse

SOUL’S CODE — What is the Internet-borne phenom dubbed the “doomer-sphere”? Depression chatter, global-warming warnings and permanent war in the Middle East. Introducing four viral experts:

Nassim Taleb is a former hedge-fund manager and critic of globalization who is a kind of  ‘anti-Thomas Friedman.’ His break-out book spent more than a year on the New York Times non-fiction list, and got a reported $4-million advance

Dimitry Orlov: Years before the financial crisis, the Russian software engineer made a sailboat his home — and survival strategy. On Club Orlov, he blogs about the notions that made his book , Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects, an underground hit.

James Kunstler: is a pre-apocalyptic, off-the-grid guy who lives in Saratoga Springs, NY; author of the book, “The Geography of Nowhere“; and weekly blogger on the Clusterfuck Nation.

Gold-bug Jim Sinclair bet any takers $1 million that gold would hit $1,650 per oz. by 2011.


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What is the origin of inspiration and invention?

In the an issue of the New Yorker magazine, Malcolm Gladwell uses Microsoft heavyweight Nathan Myhrvold as a case study for coincident scientific discovery — and I say, a collective consciousness

DAVID RICKEY The ego exists only to function in relationship to the whole system, and the ego functions best when it is consciously aware of itself as part of a larger system.

Inspiration derives from the word, spirit. But it is the latest breakthroughs in science, not necessarily spirituality, that give us the clearest prism for viewing the way inspiration is actually created. Malcolm Gladwell’s profile of Nathan Myhrvold in The New YorkerIn the Air: Who says big ideas are rare?— describes a number of instances where two or more people develop almost identical ideas or inventions pretty much simultaneously.

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Spiritual Surf: Lindsay + Linda Lovelace; Lady Gaga; Skinny men “in”

Spiritual Surf: Lindsay + Linda Lovelace; Lady Gaga; Skinny men “in”

Lindsay seeks a new Inferno; A year without sex?; Deepak mentors Gaga; Evangelicals and oil

Inferno: Lindsay Lohan set to star in porn-star-turned-feminist Linda Lovelace’s bio.  Lohan’s character (Linda Susan Boreman, aka, Linda Lovelace) descends into the fire pit of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Can delayed sexual gratification lead to greater intimacy? Hephzibah Anderson’s new book Chastened, recommends women slow down the freight-train of sex without intimacy.

Lady Gaga and her bizarre Illuminati dreams: Gaga confides in Deepak Chopra, Rolling Stone interview reveals. Lady Gaga’s performances are a dream come true in more ways than one: Gaga relates how her morbid dreams provide material for the stage.

French stripper’s “tribute” to aboriginal culture: Motives for topless dance on Ulura Rock questioned

The skinny man movement: More men dieting and seeking surgery to be thin

Evangelicals take on Gulf oil spill: Distance from Creation = distance from God

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Soul’s Code Celebrity Seekers Quiz – Movies

Test your knowledge of movies ranging from the transcendental genius of The Last Temptation of Christ to those that just try too hard . . . yes we mean you, The Love Guru

1.  Which composer scored the music for The Mission, the Oscar-winner about conquistador sin and Jesuit redemption that starred Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons?

A.  John Williams
B.  Vangelis
C.  Ennio Morricone
D.  Philip Glass

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Spiritual Surf: Muslim prayers for swine flu victims, Soul’s Code celebrates its virtual birth, Hugh Hefner turns Jesus-freaky, and Deepak says ignore the meltdown melodrama

Swine flu: Pray this way

The Council on Islamic-American Relations — CAIR, for short and the most prominent Islamic civil-rights group in the U.S. — has issued a call for prayer against the swine flu. Muslims have been beseeched to petition the divine during Friday prayers. (Side dish: both the Koran and Old Testament are kosher; several citations in each impeach the consumption of pork).

Soul’s Code invites all people who walk the way of faith and compassion to join us in our sincere and deep prayers to protect all beings from swine flu, suffering and separation. Your Comments here will be posted on our Prayer Wall.

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Does the world of spirituality need to lose the jargon?

When an accountant goes spiritual, he learns a whole new code: “Presence? But it’s not my birthday”

GUEST COLUMN: TIM TAYLOR —  Spirituality is pretty cool, isn’t it? It’s something that we each really want to share with our friends and family.  We want them to enjoy many of the benefits that make us high.

I grew up in Indiana and went to Wharton Business School because I wanted to be a Chief Financial Officer. After 15 years of working as a consultant and controller I knew there had to be more to life.

My therapist recommended The Wisdom of No Escape . . .and everything started to change. Not overnight, but inexorably, kind of like St. Francis when he turned back from his first night’s ride as a would-be knight to join the Fourth Crusade.

I stepped into the world of spirituality, and what I remember most was learning a whole new way of speaking that was confusing. I heard a language that was English but nothing short of Sanskrit to me.

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Spiritual Surf: Founding Faith, India’s Top 10 Gurus, Giant Dr. Phil Gets Axe, and More

Beliefnet Founder’s Founding Faith

Talking about his new book, Founding Faith: How Our Founding Fathers Forged a Radical New Approach to Religious Liberty, on National Public Radio last week, Beliefnet co-founder, Steve Waldman, debunks the twin myths that the Founding Fathers were either a pack of howling evangelicals or a group of proto-new age spiritualists. The Fathers’ intent, he says, was actually to promote faith by separating religion from government.

Dr. Phil, tear down this billboard!

Residents of West Los Angeles, irked over the size of a huge, 60 by 100-foot Dr. Phil billboard on National Blvd., complained to the city.

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bama smoke

Spiritual Surf: Obama fatigue, ‘General’ Chopra, Dr. Phil’s ratings, and More

Betting against Obama fatigue

By now it’s clear that former President Elect Barack Obama‘s image can sell just about anything, from puppy sweaters to phony commemorative coins. But he can also sell your cause — any cause — as discovered by Care2.com. On its “Yes You Can Challenge” petitions page — where you can create and circulate your own petition electronically — the site boasts a picture and an inspiring quote from the new prez. Piggy-backing an inspiring brand to inspire people is a natural strategy for self-help sites — as long as the brand lasts. Some were already claiming “Obama fatigue” before last year’s election.

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10 Best Spiritual Resorts in the West

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The Deepak Chopra – Mike Myers – Dana Carvey “Love Guru” connection

The Deepak Chopra – Mike Myers – Dana Carvey “Love Guru” connection

Canadian funny-men are also spiritual seekers: Jim Carrey looks to Eckhart Tolle, and Mike Myers takes his cues from Deepak Chopra. But Myers’ comedic homage to Chopra, The Love Guru, is no laughing matter

BY PAUL KAIHLA — Dana Carvey and Mike Myers were comedic partners. They made millions, and achieved international fame with the Wayne’s World movies in the 1990s.

Then they went their own ways, and Myers found a new partner — this time, spiritual.

Do you think Carvey just might have been taking an indirect shot at Myers with this impersonation of Deepak Chopra? It’s from Carvey’s new, hilarious HBO comedy special, Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies:

Carvey: Deepak Chopra, I love that guy because he’s so confident about what the fuck we’re all doing on this planet . . .

Impersonation of Chopra: “If you want to have success, let go of success. If you want to have happiness, let go of happiness. If you want to be rich — Give *me* all your money.”

(See minute 6:45 of the the video below; Above photo, Mike Myers and Deepak Chopra)

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