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MyTunes: Cosmic answers from an iPod

Even something as materialistic as an MP3 player can help us connect and communicate with the universe

GUEST COLUMN: AMY LEASK — When I bought my iPod, it was with great chagrin. I was teaching at the time, and I competed with the little electronic beasts for my students’ attention on a daily basis. I did the “pull out your earphones” gesture about as often as I turned a page.

I wanted one to keep myself alert, as well as relaxed, while slogging through my very large pile of grading. It worked; within weeks I was so smitten with my new toy I purchased a colorful sticker to disguise its bland, silver exterior and hungrily downloaded anything funky enough to capture my interest.

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Where “Snot Boy,” “Dogma” and the Dalai Lama meet

The platypus, a baboon’s behind, and The Housewives Tarot prove that the universe has a wild sense of humour

 GUEST COLUMN: AMY LEASK — As an undergrad, I took an English seminar on women and nature, which included a number of traditional stories from Canada’s “First Nations” communities. Eyebrows went up when we were assigned a piece entitled “Snot Boy”, and as we read about the first man on Earth being created from mucus, we guiltily stifled our giggles.

It was an incredible relief when our professor pointed out that even the most sacred of stories could still be told with humour. Life, after all, could be incredibly strange and funny, and it wasn’t a sin to acknowledge that fact — even in sacred writings.

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