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When silence is ‘spin’: sweat-lodge tragedy, Oprah and “The Secret”

Oprah once promoted self-help guru James Arthur Ray, and his vehicle The Secret. Now she maintains a strict silence on both, and the deaths in Sedona

BY PAUL KAIHLAThe Secret was launched as a viral, online, pay-per-view phenomenon a couple of years ago. Oprah made it a mainstream hit by featuring its Australian producer on her show, and some of the film’s self-help “stars” like James Arthur Ray. (Oprah also added the book version of The Secret to her epynomous Club).

But the stream of support has dried up since October, 2009, when Ray presided over a $10,000-per-person retreat in Sedona, Arizona which climaxed in a sweat-lodge event that injured dozens and left three dead.

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