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The Ice Storm still

Living in fear: We appeared to be the perfect family

My mother’s first hospitalization for attempting suicide came before I even knew what the word meant

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — I can close my eyes and see myself at around 8 or 9 years old, sitting with my knees scrunched under me on the floorboard of a 1974 Dodge Coronet. The first poem I wrote was a prayer. Rounding the corner in that same old big brown boat that disguised its ugliness as a car, I can also clearly remember hanging on to the interior door handle as the door swung open and I looked at the pavement racing past me.

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Post Secret enjoys the trickle-down of fame-shame

From John Edwards and Eliot Spitzer to Tiger Woods (add: the Celebrity Apprentice biker guy who married Sandra Bullock), celebs set the pace for public confessions

BY SOULS CODE — Do you have something that you’d like to unload but you can’t quite face saying to the people right around you?

In the world of the web, this is instantly possible  — and unlike the political and entertainment industry scandals, available to you under the cloak of anonymity.  PostSecret is an online, bulletin-board for people all over the English-speaking world who post their denied-lives by mailing a postcard to the webmaster.

The site has won a ton of buzz and traffic and a quick look tells you why.

The confessions are slogans splayed across home-made postcards that the authors mail anonymously.

An example from this week’s harvest of postcards (new ones are posted each Sunday):

“I wished I fathered a child before I came out.”

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The bearable lightness of being Roni Lipstein

An experience with altered consciousness provides a wellness coach with the strength to leave an abusive relationship, and an opportunity to learn to “love self, first”

BY RHONDA SHERYL LIPSTEIN — As an author, I realize that we all could write a book, since life itself is a series of experiences that expand our consciousness.

The only difference between one who “walks the talk” and one who does not even talk at all is whether we choose to be aware of this fact — of our expressed experience of being.

During my life I’ve had several experiences of expanded or altered consciousness, beginning when I was a child, continuing as an adult with the birth of my son — and later, when extricating myself from an abusive relationship.

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Hypnotic mantras

An urban mystic, psychotherapist and star student of the late, great Milton Erickson does a deep-dive on love, relationships and the real way to heal from a break-up

THE TAO OF A WOMAN: AN EXCERPT FROM THE NEW BOOK BY MICHELE RITTERMAN — After a therapy session, I hand my client a post-it note that highlights what we have accomplished. These mysterious hypnotic mantras find their way to a wallet, an iPhone, or a fridge door . . . I know you will discover something more than I can know:


We are social creatures, yet in our competitive, aggressive and nano-second-centric world, it is not easy to relate to each other, much less to sustain our bonds.

Good love stays close to our bones and whispers to us the secrets about who we are. Good love has synchronicity and a rhythm.

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Living in fear: Being raised by a mentally ill mom was like walking on eggshells

Part 1 of 4: It was when her voice was devoid of emotion that I feared her the most

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — I didn’t know when it started. I still don’t, and probably never will know. My mother changed. Around other people she was cheery, always a bubbly personality. Being the offspring of a master chameleon, I’ve adapted that same mask. I can smile at you with bright blue-gray eyes twinkling, when inside, my heart is in night terrors.

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Prayer Wall: “I am in a very difficult and confusing time — Please Help”

A single mother whom we’ll call by her first initial, “M,” to protect her and her daughters’ identity and location, wrote to us to ask for advice and prayers. She’s just had a relationship-shocker that she compares to the movie, American Beauty, and the secret life of Amber Frey’s notorious (and married) ex, Scott Peterson. If that were not enough, M also just lost her corporate job.

In M’s own words . . .

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