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The power of the unknown

The power of the unknown

Many of us fear the unknown and the uncertain. Here is how to align yourself with both

SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: BY TONY SAMARA — From Wall Street to the Great Wall, the business values of the West have swept the world. And one thing that the commercial culture around us dislikes intensely is uncertainty. Everything from the global insurance industry to the derivates market that caused the 2008 financial crisis are set up to act as a hedge against uncertainty and the unknown.

Perhaps this helps explain why our society suffers from a collective neurosis.

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Michelle Dockery – Dan Stevens

Love without fear

The phrase, “I love you,” is an empty one until you can face these four fears

BY DR. ANGELA HEPPNER — When was the last time you said to someone “I love you”?

These have to be the three most precious words uttered when spoken from the heart with genuine meaning.

Is this not what everyone wishes to hear? It can be so easy for us to express our true feelings to some and not to others. Why is this?

There are four main reasons why this phrase is prevented from being expressed freely.

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Memo to Alec Baldwin: How to stay grounded on holiday flights

Memo to Alec Baldwin: How to stay grounded on holiday flights

Flying triggers anxiety in even the most enlightened. Try this in-flight meditation to curb air-rage

SOUL’S CODE — Look no further than 30 Rock, and its politically-ambitious star Alec Baldwin’s pre-Christmas meltdown on an American Airlines flight from New York to LA. The pilot ordered the Hunt for the Red October actor removed from the plane (and let’s not kid ourselves, Alec is an Elite American Advantage club member).

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Exclusive book excerpt: David Richo

Exclusive book excerpt: David Richo

According to one of the leading psychotherapists and spiritual authors in the United States, trust is a four-fold path

Adapted from, Daring to Trust: Opening ourselves to Real Love and Intimacy, By DAVID RICHO — A compass is a trusty tool for a journey, and we can see the four directions that trust can take using the symbol of a compass. Draw a diagram to see for yourself.

Place the words “I TRUST” in the center with a circle around it.

In the East position write: “MYSELF”

In the West position, pencil in: “OTHERS”


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The Ice Storm still

Living in fear: We appeared to be the perfect family

My mother’s first hospitalization for attempting suicide came before I even knew what the word meant

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — I can close my eyes and see myself at around 8 or 9 years old, sitting with my knees scrunched under me on the floorboard of a 1974 Dodge Coronet. The first poem I wrote was a prayer. Rounding the corner in that same old big brown boat that disguised its ugliness as a car, I can also clearly remember hanging on to the interior door handle as the door swung open and I looked at the pavement racing past me.

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Spiritual Surf: A new Pope Ratzinger time bomb; Fear of flying; Shy bullies

Nervous flyers Zen out; new science on the Napoleon complex; sexism gets in the way of getting sex

Did Ratzinger send an abusive priest to a safe-house? Pope groped by newest European church sex-abuse scandal

Airport coping skills: Meditations for take off and landing in The calm Zone

Capital of sex, capital of compassion: Amsterdam hosts meeting of world-wide spiritual and religious leaders to combat AIDS phobia

I’m not a bully, I’m just shy: New research links socially-anxious people and aggressive behavior

How to ruin a whole gender in the eyes of the ‘better half’: Women who witness sexism more likely to view all men in a negative light

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A 2010 detox for your psyche

Our recent passage through fear and anxiety was a repercussion of spiritual bankruptcy. A psychic’s recipe for cleansing your mind

GUEST COLUMN: PHYLLIS KING — January 2010 has never been a better time to say yes to our true essence. The roto rooter shock waves that careened through our lives in 2009 is coming to an end.

The fear and anxiety that crippled so many people’s lives has seen its pinnacle.

For those who have been paying attention, we know that this has been the repercussion of a spiritual bankruptcy.

Let us now get our houses in order by saying yes to the healthiest, most creative and loving parts of ourselves.

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My last tango with fear

A shamanic teacher visualizes her lifelong fear as if it were a dance partner. When she faces him, she discovers that he isn’t so scary after all

GUEST COLUMN: DAWN DANCING OTTER — Lately I have been noticing how the words ‘fear’ and ‘free’ are phonetically mirrored.

I have run from fear in my life, and it has been a repeating pattern of habitual behaviour. I felt the discomfort/pain of fear, and I began to to recede from my “presence”, and to hide beneath masks of a false self.

The illusion was: ‘I am becoming free from my fear by running and hiding. It won’t follow me or find me — I will just keep running . . . keep hiding’.

In this game, fear made the rules and called the tune.  And I danced to the beat of fear with my eyes closed.

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Living in fear: Being raised by a mentally ill mom was like walking on eggshells

Part 1 of 4: It was when her voice was devoid of emotion that I feared her the most

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — I didn’t know when it started. I still don’t, and probably never will know. My mother changed. Around other people she was cheery, always a bubbly personality. Being the offspring of a master chameleon, I’ve adapted that same mask. I can smile at you with bright blue-gray eyes twinkling, when inside, my heart is in night terrors.

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Tree on the diving board

Face to face with my inner pain

This is the second in a series, Finding happiness in all the right places, by a young female seeker

BEING THERE: EMMA — My decision-making mechanism wasn’t cooperating when I was weighing whether or not to go on this retreat. It was a constant back and forth — I need to buckle down and work, but I’m depressed and not productive, but I’ll feel better if I’m productive, but I can’t even get up before noon because I don’t care, but I need the money, but this trip will be good for me, but maybe I’m just escaping, but the retreat is me facing myself rather than just a distraction.

Eventually, I packed, even as I oscillated between worrying that I was running from my problems and loving the spontaneity of it all. I used to travel constantly — crazy and wild spontaneous trips — and living in Austin I had settled down with all its benefits and drawbacks. I even wrote a poem, senior year of college, called “My trips, my drugs”

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