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Erickson bio

Spiritual Surf: Letterman roasts Tony Robbins over fire-walking wounded

Tony Robbins, Neurolinguistic Programming, Milton Erickson and the physics of walking barefoot over hot coals

Just say, “Ow!”: More than 20 injured at Tony Robbins seminar in Silicon Valley

“I’m invincible, I’m on fire”: Tony Robbins makes David Letterman’s Top Ten list but for the wrong reason

The physics of fire-walking: Escaping injury has nothing to do with mind over matter

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Fire-walking through fear

Fire-walking through fear

A doctor of physics and founder of a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence start-up does a fire-walk with Tony Robbins

Fire Walking Ceremony | Originally uploaded by Skip the Filler.

STEPHEN OMOHUNDRO — I thought I’d share the powerful experience I had at a Tony Robbins workshop in Colorado Springs.

For the last several years I’ve had a practice of noticing when I’m touched by something and following up on it. I had seen Tony’s infomercial many years ago and thought of him as a charismatic speaker but a bit too “rah-rah” for my taste. His interview with Larry King, however, had a depth and subtlety that grabbed my attention. He exhibited a compassion and strength that I felt I could learn from.

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Why 2008 was spiritually great

A piece of you: Soul’s Code readers report a year’s worth of their spiritual highs

SOUL’S CODE — The late, great 2008 was a perfect storm for pessimists. They glommed onto the fact that it was the worst year for the stock market since The Great Depression ($7 trillion vaporized). And rightfully mourned the bombing into oblivion of thousands during ‘surges’ in Iraq, Gaza and Georgia. On top of that, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (left, with Mia Farrow, 3 Beatles and a Beach Boy),  Arthur C. Clarke and Alexander Solzhenitsyn died.

Those negative notes didn’t faze the spirit of Soul’s Code readers and writers, though. We embraced a glass half-full openness to adventure.

Thank you for giving us your spiritual highs of the past year. We call them peak experiences. You call them whatever you like: they are miracles of your own making.

From Sweden to South Africa, may these 12 first-person accounts help inspire the time you have in 2009:

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