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Spiritual Surf: Carrie Prejean, Swine Flue, Heavy Metal Friar, Shichigosan, and Yoga Retreats

Online Porn SEO owns “Carrie Prejean”

First it was gay marriage, then a “solo” sex tape (and apparently there are way more of these coming), then a hissy fit on Larry King Live.  Now former Miss California Carrie Prejean explains her views on how there is nothing in the Bible saying that sporting breast implants makes you less of a  Christian to Christianity Today.

But internet searchers beware: even modern monastics with an electronic scriptorium (i.e. computer) will find some searches for “Carrie Prejean” littered with porn sites and deadly viruses (as we learned the hard way).  The solution: an end to Prejean’s 15 minutes of fame, or good protection for your computer.

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Spiritual Surf: Prop. 8 and the soul, Cornell West in “The Examined Life”, Supreme Court Catholic

Gay marriage, Prop 8., and the spirit

The California Supreme Court upheld the right of California voters to amend their constitution to take away the rights of a minority group — same-sex couples who want to legally marry. At Soul’s Code, we’re devoted to expanding every person’s rights— and consciousness. Gay people and their supporters seeking solace at this time might visit MyOutSpirit.com and the MyOutSpirit blog.

The Examined Life: Worth living

Okay, last year’s film The Examined Life: Philosophy in the Streets may not be hot news, but one of our correspondents, Amy O., has just seen it and thinks it’s pretty great. The film poses questions about self and society to several prominent contemporary philosophers, including Judith Butler, Peter Singer, Slavoj Zizek and America’s super-hip public intellectual, Cornell West (who likens modern philosophy to Jazz and Blues). It’s a must-see for every seeker. View the trailer below.

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bama smoke

Spiritual Surf: Obama fatigue, ‘General’ Chopra, Dr. Phil’s ratings, and More

Betting against Obama fatigue

By now it’s clear that former President Elect Barack Obama‘s image can sell just about anything, from puppy sweaters to phony commemorative coins. But he can also sell your cause — any cause — as discovered by Care2.com. On its “Yes You Can Challenge” petitions page — where you can create and circulate your own petition electronically — the site boasts a picture and an inspiring quote from the new prez. Piggy-backing an inspiring brand to inspire people is a natural strategy for self-help sites — as long as the brand lasts. Some were already claiming “Obama fatigue” before last year’s election.

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Why Prop 8 is a spiritual issue

California’s anti-gay measure is a case study in what dictates change: Consciousness. Not politics

BY CYNDI INGLE — Why does mainstream media, and a mass-market audience, get off on public displays of homo-erotic affection in particular, “girl on girl” action? Madonna slipping Britney some tongue; Ellen marrying her beautiful blonde lover, Portia, and Lindsay Lohan’s fling with Samantha.

Does this mean that we are becoming more accepting of so-called “alternative” lifestyles?

Not likely, as the recent Proposition 8 victory in America’s most populace state, California, has exposed.

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Moscow mayor: gay pride parade ‘Satanic’

Moscow mayor: gay pride parade ‘Satanic’

Yuri Luzhkov is not gay. He’s, like, Russian. Now *that’s* a spiritual credential!

Here’s our stance: we like a parade, any parade. Not so Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, a religious conservative who says he will never sanction a gay pride parade in Moscow.

“Last year, Moscow came under unprecedented pressure to sanction the gay parade, which can be described in no other way than as Satanic,” Luzhkov said at the 15th Christmas educational readings in the Kremlin Palace.

Well, that was quick, comrade: from atheist collectivism to, well, theological fundamentalism in the space of a decade and change. Sometimes, The Times They Aren’t a Changin’.

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