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Scoring spirituality

Scoring spirituality

Danny Kenny reviews the reviewers:  Sarlo’s Guru Ratings, Spiritual Teachers and Peter’s Pages — or as he calls them, ‘the unholy trinity’

BY DANNY KENNY — It’s such a simple step to go cynical. But Holy-ocity! — “handicapping” spiritual teachers, guides and gurus like race horses? That’s called bad form.

In these times, many of us dream or wish for “the simple life.” Some of us even go so far as to search for it. But be careful what you wish for — or more like, be careful what you Google.

Especially if you’re searching for “spiritual teachers,” or say, some of the names listed on Soul’s Code in the right column under the Department called Teachers We Track. One of these sites are likely to show up in the first page of your search results: Sarlo’s Guru Ratings, Peter’s Pages and Spiritualteachersorg. They “rate” — and in some cases, berate — spiritual experiences and figures.

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Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women

David Rickey reports on the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne, Australia, and his dialogues with the Dalai Lama, Pujya Swamiji, Amma, and other leading lights of enlightenment

BY DAVID RICKEY — I’m happy to report back on an amazing week I spent at the Parliament of the World’s Religions where I saw and heard, up close, the Dalai Lama, Swami Chidanand Saraswati (Pujya Swamiji), Amma Sri Karunamayi (Amma) and many others. Those others included some wonderful young people who are not potential leaders of the future, but leaders now!

There were two significant messages which I brought home with me, and which I offer to you: First, you as an individual, have the power to change the world. And second, it is important that  we all begin doing so immediately.

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Spiritual Surf: Founding Faith, India’s Top 10 Gurus, Giant Dr. Phil Gets Axe, and More

Beliefnet Founder’s Founding Faith

Talking about his new book, Founding Faith: How Our Founding Fathers Forged a Radical New Approach to Religious Liberty, on National Public Radio last week, Beliefnet co-founder, Steve Waldman, debunks the twin myths that the Founding Fathers were either a pack of howling evangelicals or a group of proto-new age spiritualists. The Fathers’ intent, he says, was actually to promote faith by separating religion from government.

Dr. Phil, tear down this billboard!

Residents of West Los Angeles, irked over the size of a huge, 60 by 100-foot Dr. Phil billboard on National Blvd., complained to the city.

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The Deepak Chopra – Mike Myers – Dana Carvey “Love Guru” connection

The Deepak Chopra – Mike Myers – Dana Carvey “Love Guru” connection

Canadian funny-men are also spiritual seekers: Jim Carrey looks to Eckhart Tolle, and Mike Myers takes his cues from Deepak Chopra. But Myers’ comedic homage to Chopra, The Love Guru, is no laughing matter

BY PAUL KAIHLA — Dana Carvey and Mike Myers were comedic partners. They made millions, and achieved international fame with the Wayne’s World movies in the 1990s.

Then they went their own ways, and Myers found a new partner — this time, spiritual.

Do you think Carvey just might have been taking an indirect shot at Myers with this impersonation of Deepak Chopra? It’s from Carvey’s new, hilarious HBO comedy special, Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies:

Carvey: Deepak Chopra, I love that guy because he’s so confident about what the fuck we’re all doing on this planet . . .

Impersonation of Chopra: “If you want to have success, let go of success. If you want to have happiness, let go of happiness. If you want to be rich — Give *me* all your money.”

(See minute 6:45 of the the video below; Above photo, Mike Myers and Deepak Chopra)

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Spiritual Surf: Sex, abnormal sex, the science of sex, teasing andvirginity and teasing

Spiritual Surf: Sex, abnormal sex, the science of sex, teasing andvirginity and teasing

A Hindu guru’s genital oiling scandal; Seduction Labs; Lauren Taylor is the daughter Sarah Palin wishes she had; What is ‘acousticophilia’?

Do Hindu religious leaders approve of genital oiling? I never thought to ask, but it’s on the mind of the folks at BarryPittard. The author is calling for an investigation into Sathya Sai Baba, a guru who has faced alligations of sexual impropriety.

Another question that I’ve at least considered before is “why do women tease?” The writers at Seduction Labs have this answer:

“Women don’t actually set out to tease men. It just happens that attracting many men without mating with them is a sexual strategy that women have evolved to help them make the best of their biology. This behaviour evolved because it is successful. The fact that it makes the unsuccessful suitors uncomfortable is biologically irrelevant.

That’s Seduction Lab’s picture to the left. What makes sense: A fair amount of a man’s perception of teasing has to do with projections.

Lauren Taylor has a different perspective. She’s decided to remain a virgin until she’s married. She writes: “Therefor, until I say I do, my sexual satisfaction comes from little flirtations without words: The up and down glances from men. I only occasionally play the part.

Flirtation is an important part of her burgeoning sex life. She describes it as a way for her to enjoy the mental aspects of physical attraction.

The Candles outlines a list of abnormal sexual practices including Sadism, Zoophilia, Acoustophilia and Frottage. Sex, the author says, is a sacred gift from God to be shared between a married man and woman.

The author writes: “This is very natural and normal when the married couples use this gift. But when it is used outside a marriage and in a strange manner it becomes unnatural and abnormal.

He helpfully adds that Acousticophilia is a language fetish. Think of Jamie Lee Curtis’ love of Russian in the movie, A Fish Called Wanda.

Figleaf writes that sex is nothing more than a “…friction-induced nervous discharge can easily be self-administered.

Everything else, he argues, is the product of “culture driven perceptions.” That piles a lot into the bucket-list.

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Andrew Cohen and WIE: a tire fire (the New Age edition)

Andrew Cohen and WIE: a tire fire (the New Age edition)

We’re not in the business of using other people’s pain as a source of entertainment. So let’s reel this out and look at it as a mirror for what happens when any one of us falls into a rabbit hole of unconsciousness.

Here is a gallery of intelligent people who took the road less traveled, so to speak. Now they’re in a conflict that first went public with the publication of the book, Enlightenment Blues, a critique of Andrew Cohen, editor of a magazine that covers mysticism and transpersonal psychology. Then came the launch of a companion blog to the book. Here’s an entry from one of the contributors:

Legacy of Scorched Earth

Reflections from a former student

By Susan Bridle

I was a student of Andrew Cohen for ten years, and worked very intimately with him for many years in my work as a writer and editor for What Is Enlightenment? Magazine and other Moksha Press publications… I left Andrew’s community a little over three years ago, and while I am busy with new academic, career, and spiritual goals, I am still “digesting” my experience of my relationship with Andrew and my time in his community. Bottom line, I experienced so much that was truly profound and transformative – and that I will forever be grateful for – and also so much that was really abusive and twisted – and that still deeply saddens me. The lightest light and the darkest dark. Both. All tangled together like miles of black and white yarn entwined in a big ball at the pit of my stomach. I guess for me, I feel my work is to digest the whole thing, tease it apart… One thing that continues to strike me with painful irony is the fact that Andrew would, almost tearfully, lament about other teachers who had shown such great promise, whose passion for the spiritual life and searing dharma inspired so many spiritual seekers to abandon “the world” and give their entire lives to a spiritual revolution – but whose abuses of sex, money, power, and other addictions in the end disillusioned thousands of seekers and instead promoted cynicism about the whole endeavor. This is, in fact, the reality of the situation now with Andrew.

Last week, Cohen launched a counter-blog featuring a five-page inaugural post. Excerpts:

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