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Soul’s Code Trivia Quiz – Halloween

Test your knowledge of Halloween traditions, history and trivia with our interactive Halloween Quiz!

As Soul’s Code celebrates all souls’ spiritual traditions, we offer you a chance to test your skills upon the occasion of Samhain, a.k.a. Halloween. (Spooky ghoulish Mayan-inspired electronic musical accompaniment.)

We believe a little temptation will do you no harm, so please reward yourself with handfuls of brain-candy below, or the treat of your choice for each correct answer you hit!

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Dancing with the invisible ones

Dia de los Meurtos is my annual chance to dance with spirits in the material world

DANNY KENNY — After reverent invocation to the spirits, the samba-like beat pulsates through the snake of flesh coiled in waiting. Slowly it begins stretching, swallowing innocent bystanders and eager collaborators alike in its path.

Aztec warriors rub shoulders with zombie-like creatures, and sartorial Calaveras (skulls) fall prey to its slithering mass. All seem mesmerized by its hypnotic charms, twisting and gliding rhythmically from its head to its tail through the candlelit San Francisco streets to their symbolic place of death.

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Celebrating Halloween, every witch way but true

It might be about kinky costumes or eye candy for you. For me, it’s a sacred celebration that ”tricks” sweet little kids into “treating” all witches as ”wicked” stereotypes.

DANNY KENNY — Ah, to be an Irish Pagan at Halloween and witness apparently sane, God fearing people, joyously ridiculing a sacred tradition from an ancient  land of culture.

I refer of course to Ireland, those mythical shores that gave you Shaw and so much more than “Paddy’s Day” and the “Paddy Wagon” — a racist term still sadly used openly in these so called PC days.  Let’s not forget we also gave the world literary greats like Yeats and Wilde.

We gave you the Kennedy family, U2 and even “the Greatest” grandfathers of  all; Muhammed Ali and Obama’s. And what did you choose to celebrate from our culture: Halloween and St Patrick’s Day! Both of which do neither Irish culture nor Paganism any favors.

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