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How to find your voice

How to find your voice

A Danish pop star turned-spiritual-teacher spreads the word of speaking consciously

GUEST COLUMN: SUZANN RYE — I believe that anything is possible. . . that anything you set your heart and mind to achieve, you can. And I believe that we are all born with infinite wisdom. If we don’t get too distracted, if we don’t forget what we know and intuitively feel to be true, we will instinctively understand what to do with our lives, which way to go, and how to fulfill our dreams. Our heart will tell us.

The above is taken from “Little Voice”, a story that I wrote  as part of the best-selling inspirational book, Living in Clarity.

I’m Suzann Rye, author, inspirational speaker, spiritual coach, artist, and voice performance coach, and this is my story. . .

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“Gut feelings” guide us to our Soul’s Code

Sandy Andrew learned three steps for trusting his intuition, and it changed his life.  Here’s how trusting your “gut” can change yours.

GUEST COLUMN: SANDY ANDREW — Have you ever had those moments when gentle thoughts or ideas enter your mind in a peaceful way that ultimately helps you find solutions to difficult problems at work or home?

You may not be able to explain these moments of “gut feelings” or “intuition” that lead to solutions to tasks and goals in your life … but you know these thoughts happen.

Do you inwardly know when something is right and when it is wrong, without consulting another person, nor even researching the subject from memory or another source?

This is intuition at work.

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