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Barack and Michelle Obama

Spiritual IQ Quiz: 9 questions about President Barack Obama’s inner life

What does the 44th President, his family and friends really believe in — that is, beyond politics?

BY SOUL’S CODE — Barack Obama is the personification of this site’s meme, “spiritual but not religious.”

On matter’s of faith, it’s what makes it so easy for pundits to spin his story from both the fundamentalist right and the agnostic left.

Exhibit: A documentary released during the 2012 presidential election cycle, 2016: Obama’s America (links to free streaming here), suggested that our 44th president is an anti-Christian, anti-colonialist.

From the left: Liberal comedian and million-dollar Obama donor, Bill Maher, routinely says he hopes the prez is lying when he espouses his Christian credentials.

Test your spiritual knowledge about our president by clicking on the multiple-choice answers below:

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Muslim wedding ceremony

Marrying a Muslim man in post-9/11 North America

Islam means “submit.” I’ve used the code of my adopted faith to accept, and turn, public opinion

GUEST COLUMN: REBECCA JONES *— When I met my husband, then-roommate, he was living in the basement of our shared student apartment. We became friends simulating Star Wars battles with toy light sabers and fell for each other watching a Ghostbusters marathon. Sheltered from the world, we seemed to have more similarities than differences.

To be quite honest, it still sits strangely when I hear people say I married a “Muslim man.” I feel like I fell in love with a boy who happened to be Muslim. That was almost 10 years ago.

But just because I fell in love, didn’t mean I fell in love with his faith.

* Rebecca Jones is a pen name requested by the author to protect her family from any potential backlash.

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Killing Osama: Our joy reflects how afraid we really were

Killing Osama: Our joy reflects how afraid we really were

Two new movies, Seal Team 6, and Catherine Bigelow’s next hit, invite us to look in a mirror.

BY DAVID RICKEY — Yes, Bin Laden was a very evil individual who masterminded much and mentored many. However, his death will stop neither the consciousness that breeds terrorism nor the historic causes that feed that consciousness.

The decision to bury Bin Laden’s body at sea within hours of his death demonstrates, it seems to me, a level of sensitivity that counters much of the insensitivity that lies at the root of the present pandemic of terrorism (although already there is conflicting opinion and criticism for this action).

While there will always be people who express their selfish anger in acts of aggression against others, the “West” — that over-encompassing term describing what we might describe as the “more enlightened” people in Europe and America — would do well to reflect on our own actions over the past 3+ centuries that have contributed to the anger in Africa, the “Middle East” and southest Asia that underpin the terrorist argument.

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Exclusive book excerpt: “A Time To…”

Exclusive book excerpt: “A Time To…”

A new novel about a baby boomer’s spiritual post-9/11 lessons illustrates that even after the worst tragedies, love, faith, hope and charity survive.

SoulsCode: The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center had a profound impact not only on the world at large, but also on individuals in a solitary way. Some of those individuals have tried to make sense of the tragedy through art. Call it a diamond in the rough or the calm after the storm, but author Ronald Louis Peterson  has found spiritual enlightenment through 9/11.

A novel published on paperback in February, 2011, “A TIME TO… — A Baby Boomer’s Spiritual Adventures Heal 9/11’s Wounds” is dedicated to families who lost loved ones on 9/11, and to those who have called NYC home. Peterson was inspired to write about 9/11 in a very personal way because, he says, “that’s the way most people experienced it.”  

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Religion’s overactive testosterone

Religion’s overactive testosterone

How religion came to be about who has the biggest kahunas

BY DAVID RICKEY – We’ve always gotten it wrong. The “religio” in religion means “to connect.” That’s what religion has always meant, but we’re connecting to the wrong things.

Early humans first came up with religion as a way of trying to understand the world and their place in it, and trying to control two things: survival and death. Humans had evolved enough to realize that existence was complex. We intuited meaning and systems such as cause and effect. The problem was that we had also developed an ego, and tended to interpret our intuitions in images that reflected that ego. So we developed the idea of a personal God, and attributed to it many of our own emerging attitudes: anger, jealousy, possessiveness and the need for power – all aspects of ego.

Another problem arose as civilizations evolved: man’s testosterone.

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Spiritual Surf: Dr. Drew in half-a-dozen steps (guest-starring Charlie Sheen)

Psychoanalysis of Charlie Sheen’s media-bender: Dr. Drew Pinsky does one-hour VH1 special, Winning . . . Or Losing It?

Sheen challenges Dr. Drew to a boxing match on L.A. radio station: “Me and Pinsky should jump in the ring — Bring it, little man!” (minute-9 of audio)

Dr. Drew fires White House gate-crasher from season 4 of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab: Michaele Salahi’s only addiction is to fame

Salon.com says VH1 should fire Dr. Drew: “Why it’s time to shut down Celebrity Rehab

Former patient of Dr. Drew dies after relapse: Ex-Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr pleaded for drugs on the day of his death

FLASHBACK! Stanton Peele takes a shot at Dr. Drew in Psychology Today: “. . . a media vulture circling the latest carrion.”

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Spiritual Surf: Humanizing computers, cyberdating Muslims and tweeting death

Spiritual Surf: Humanizing computers, cyberdating Muslims and tweeting death

Online dating Islam style; celebrity death hoaxes; Jews versus Snickers; hacktivist threats to intolerant church

Old polygamist seeks hot virgin: What to expect from a Muslim online dating site

Fighting hate with hate: An anti-gay, fundamentalist church is the latest target of hacktivist threats.

Whine and dine: Was the Super Bowl Snickers ad antisemitic?

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Spiritual Surf: Zimbabwe’s Jews, remaining young, sororities, Islam, small talk, and Guantanomo Bay doctors

Zimbabwe’s modern Jews with ancient roots

Proving that the world is a much smaller place than we thought, and how interconnected we all are, DNA tests have confirmed that a tribe in Zimbabwe has Jewish roots. While the Lemba tribe shares many things in common with Jews (wearing skullcap head coverings, circumcision, avoidance of eating pork), the relationship is more than skin deep.  British scientists have confirmed that members of the Lemba are genetically descended from semitic ancestors, probably a small group of Jewish men immigrating from Syria-Palestine over a thousand years ago. Not to mention the Lemba hold a sacred artifact believed to be part of the Ark of the Covenant.

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