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Spiritual Surf: Michael Vick worse than the Taliban

Spiritual Surf: Michael Vick worse than the Taliban

Dogfighting quarterback: “In My Defense, I’ve Found God”

Multimillionaire NFL quarterback Michael Vick goes on record for staging dog fights. If you listen to the first three minutes of that clip, it sounds like an apology.

Then, Vick finds God: “In this situation I found Jesus and asked him for forgiveness, and just turned my life over to god. I think that’s the right thing to do as of right now.”

The religious rhetoric re-emerges toward the end when Vick says: “I will redeem myself. I have to.”

It’s great that Michael Vick apologized. Long overdue in fact. Dogfighting really isn’t in the pantheon of Christian activities. In fact, it’s not even cool. Even the Taliban banned dogfighting in Afganistan (You remember them –they were the guys who  hosted bin Ladn and the mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheik Mohammed — and destroyed ancient Buddhist statues at Bamiyan.)

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