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Confessions of a billionaire: Shari Arison reveals why money can’t buy It

The Carnival Cruise Lines heiress and richest woman in Israel comes to terms with her wealth, her father and her faith

Shari Arison


— In my decades of seeking inner peace, I have become increasingly aware of the fierce battle raging within me — between sadness and happiness, between acceptance and frustration, between praise and envy, between strength and lack of confidence, between the adult and the child. I have recognized the evil inclination within me. The dark side. The closer we get to our inner essence, to the divine spark that resides in every human being, the closer we get to the basis of the evil within us.

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Spiritual Surf: Dalai Lama, UN and adidas make “peace”, the “Polygamy Experience”, an atonement experience, and reflective housewives

September 21st, the fall equinox, is the UN’s International Day of Peace — not to be confused with Global Orgasm Day, to be celebrated on December 21st, the winter solstice.

Old enemies team up: Execs from adidas and Puma will shake hands for the first time in six decades, and play football for peace. (Peaceoneday.org)

The Dalai Lama edits a newspaper for peace: The Nobel Peace Prize winner takes over The Vancouver Sun for a day, September 26, and hosts a global conference on loving kindness

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Spiritual Surf: Mermaids and other tricks of the mind

Sara Campbell makes a splash as the “deepest” woman in the world; Hooking the God chemical; Recession sinks mind-body and spirit, says new findings in Science

World-record holder Sara Campbell uses yoga and deep trance-work to free dive to new depths of human experience and endurance (New Yorker)

Beyond belief: A mermaid sighting in Isreal? (Live Science)

Or a mystical dip in a Scottish Fairy Pool (UK Guardian)

Is consciousness like the ‘wetness of water’? What great minds can’t grasp (Live Science)

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Spiritual Surf: Kennedys, the new anti-atheists, spiritual brain power, and Tweeting God

As The Vatican, the American Public and Republican Christians remain divided on Ted Kennedy’s “State of Grace” and “very Catholic Funeral”, US scholars debate new ways to communicate with, or ex-communicate, God. Soul’s Code highlights the great divide!

Where Americans disagree: “Kennedy funeral rings with hope, Twitter with vitriol”

Edward Moore Kennedy wrote to the Pope: “I’ve never failed to believe”

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Spiritual Surf: Tiller assassination and the Pain Body Index, yoga for meditation, curing migraines, and graffiti for peace

Thou shalt not kill?

Anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder allegedly took the ultimate step in his cause when he shot and killed an abortion doctor, George Tiller, while Tiller was attending church. When Roeder was formally charged with first degree murder, reaction from the religious right’s anti-abortion community was swift and predictably ugly. Twitter posts from the fringe said things like: “Oh, happy, day. Tiller the baby killer is dead” and, “God bless the gunman.”  This tragedy is another exhibit for the Soul’s Code Pain Body Index (PBI), and we pray that all beings may be free of suffering.

Yoga for meditation

Our confreres over at Shambala Sun have posted an excerpt from their July issue on the best yoga poses in advance of meditation. Relax and breathe.

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