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Can an ‘Easter moment’ cure loneliness and fear?

Can an ‘Easter moment’ cure loneliness and fear?

How would you survive the loss if your best friend, mentor or shrink were crucified? You’d have to awaken your own inner guru.

DAVID RICKEY — His career was short and ended with his crucifixion. It looked like failure. What had Jesus accomplished? At most a few miracles, healings and teachings. That was it. Or was it?

Like a CEO who doesn’t feel ready to retire, Jesus could at least take comfort in the succession planning of his time — his passing of the baton to a dozen floundering but well-meaning and capable followers.

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Soul’s Code Spiritual IQ Quiz: How Pagan is Easter?

Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, the resurrection of Christ: How much do you know about the sacred origins of Easter?

Easter is the very centerpiece of the entire Christian enterprise, and the crucifixion of Christ is the distinctive fork we too in the road away from its parent faith, Judaism. Each spring, Easter climaxes during Holy Week with hundreds of thousands of church-goers coalescing in solemn operatic ceremonies to hold the Three Great Days: Good Friday (the crucifixion), The Great Vigil of Easter (Saturday night), and on the 3rd day, Easter Sunday celebrates the miraculous ressurection of our savior, christ the redeemer.

But most Americans take in Easter not as a solemn pilgrimmage but as a chance to bust out with vacations to Vegas, Florida Spring Break and Girls Gone Wild t-shirt contests.

But we have a secret: Easter, in fact arose from pagan spring celebrations.

We’ll test you on the ancient origins of why pagans created colored easter eggs, the easter bunny and chocolate rabbits.

Test your knowledge of the spiritual side of Easter here in our Soul’s Code Quizz by clicking on the radio buttons below in the multiple choice questions:

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Humbug to Dickens

Humbug to Dickens

Multiple divorces don’t doom everyone to Britneyhood. At Christmas time broken homes, too, can be merry.

BY MICHELLE MORRA-CARLISLE – I wonder how many people feel cheated every Christmas because there is no fluffy snow outside, no cozy fireplace and no Tiny Tim. I must confess that I was down on my own family for years. If ‘A Christmas Carol’ had starred us, Tim and his siblings would have lived with Mrs. Cratchet and only visited Mr. Cratchit on weekends.

This is by no means a sob story. I am, in fact, about to brag about the Christmas I’m about to spend with my mother, husband, sister, stepsister, half-brother and his girlfriend, stepfather and stepfather’s first wife (stepsister’s mother). As my sister puts it, “all three of our parents are twice divorced.” Yet I challenge any nuclear family out there to have a more fun, more loving time than we will have.

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The Truth is in the Music

The Truth is in the Music

If the story of Christmas Eve feels like a myth, it is — a very truthful and divine one.

DAVID RICKEY — As I approach Christmas, I find myself asking the question normally reserved for Passover: Why is this night different from all other nights? What is it about the sacred Christmas story that so engages us?

I don’t believe any of the “events” described in the Christmas story. There are actually three stories that don’t agree but are brought together to make the Creche scene complete. The wise men, or Magi, come from Matthew. The Shepherds and sheep come from Luke. The stable is Luke, while Matthew has Jesus born in a house. John just gets philosophical, and Mark doesn’t even mention the birth at all.

But these are not historical stories, even if the authors believed they were. They are myths in the deepest sense, just as Joseph Campbell would have described them. My working definition of myth here is “a culturally shaped story that attempts to express awareness of a mystery.” The story isn’t true. The myth hints, successfully I believe, at Truth.

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Why did The One win by a landslide?

When we feel powerless, we project “power” onto Obama. As much as we celebrate a savior — being one, or looking for one — is a delusion

BY DAVID RICKEY — For many of us, (I’ll admit myself into this group) our great hope was pinned on Barack Obama winning this presidential election.

The scale and depth of the victory points to what political strategists and CNN analysts, who are stuck in their heads and the obvious, are missing about elections: they’re driven by a chemistry between a leader and voters that runs far deeper than a linear series of tactics, the financial crisis or rational or wedge issues.

Where does the Hope about Obama come from? As with Jesus, we the people who look to Obama see him as the embodiment of a “solution,” to a “problem.” Obama is the Great (Black) Hope — or as the McCain campaign mockingly put it this summer, “The One.”

The question about Hope is another way of asking why we feel we know public figures, whom we rarely meet in person, so intimately.

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Demystifying mysticism

From a hero’s journey to a great awakening, 4 similar features spiritual masters like Jesus, Lao-tse and Gandhi share in common

GUEST COLUMN: RONDA LARUE — More and more people have been asking me lately, “What do you mean by the word mystic?” There’s a lot of confused thinking out there and some outright misconceptions about the term. In a very real sense — and because mysticism concerns the essence of life — it is audacious to even try and define it. Words are insufficient and often get in the way of understanding.

Mysticism is a quality of presence that is quite literally beyond and before any words. Nevertheless l, like others, feel compelled to at least try to frame mysticism in words. Mysticism is terribly misunderstood by mainstream culture, and it always has been. Many people think being a mystic means some kind of odd occultism — someone who studies magic or renounces life and goes off to live in a cave. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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A Soul’s Code smackdown: Obama vs. Jesus

On the first anniversary of Obama’s inauguration, we decode the rookie president’s Jesus myth. A top 10 list of the differences between the two saviors

SOUL’S CODE — Here, we come to the aid of all spell-bound Americans who, with the help of the media and Soul’s Code itself, once blurred the lines between Obama and Christ.

Thus, we name the Top 10 differences between the president and the real Jesus:

1. According to the Mormons, Jesus Christ lived in North America hundreds of years ago, and is due back for a “second coming.” Obama was born in Hawaii; everyone, possibly even Sarah Pallin, knows that Hawaii’s not in North America.

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Soul’s Code Celebrity Seekers Quiz – Movies

Test your knowledge of movies ranging from the transcendental genius of The Last Temptation of Christ to those that just try too hard . . . yes we mean you, The Love Guru

1.  Which composer scored the music for The Mission, the Oscar-winner about conquistador sin and Jesuit redemption that starred Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons?

A.  John Williams
B.  Vangelis
C.  Ennio Morricone
D.  Philip Glass

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