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A peak experience from Tucson

A peak experience from Tucson

A spiritual author takes Joseph Campbell at his word, and follows his bliss . . . up Arizona’s Finger Rock

SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: JONATHAN LOWE —  About a peak experience, I had one literally this past week climbing what’s called Finger Rock in the Catalina mountains north of Tucson, where I live.  People generally don’t take the time to commune with nature, or to realize that we are part of it rather than conquerors of it.

What’s amazing about Tucson is that you can be in city traffic and congestion one moment, and after ten minutes . . . on a trail at the edge of the city be in the wilderness of a mountain canyon with no sounds or view at all of what you left behind.

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Why Halo Reach, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Final Fantasy are a religious experience

SPIRITUAL IQ QUIZ — Religions channel the fears and aspirations of our collective unconscious through archetypal images and stories. That’s why the religious enterprise has been so successful for such a long period of time.

And maybe it’s also why video games are the fastest-growing form of modern entertainment.

If you don’t think video games are also spiritual, you simply haven’t played very many. Video games are rooted in the same myths and archetypes that have shaped us for millennia.

The key difference: video games put the audience in the middle of the action, whether that means blasting armies of alien invaders in Halo Reach or fighting with crooks and your own conscience in Grand Theft Auto IV.

So before you put down the genre, pick up a controller. And click on the radio buttons below to test how much you really know about the spiritual side of video games . . .

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The spiritual side of The Hobbit, Hollywood’s hottest property

Spiritual IQ Quiz The Hobbit sits at the intersection of Hollywood and high geekery.

It’s hard to imagine a topic any more obscure than the ancient languages and elaborate invented mythologies of author J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe.

After the improbable success of Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, however, it’s hard to imagine a hotter Hollywood property — if anything Tolkien’s The Hobbit is a much more cinematic tale than his Rings epic.

The entertainment and gossip rags are abuzz with every piece of news connected to the two-part film production. This week’s development: actor Elijah Wood has agreed to reprise his role as Frodo.

There’s another strand running through this cultural event, however. Tolkien had a deep spiritual life, and his tales are a rich expression of it. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the spiritual world Tolkien created, a world that will very soon generate yet another Hollywood blockbuster.

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Ask for this prescription at the first signs of job loss

A priest and psychotherapist shares how he and his friends have dealt with recession, job loss and financial poverty

BY DAVID RICKEY — The loss of a job — the proverbial “Pink Slip” — can be a major challenge on several levels. Material survival, physical well-being, emotional balance, and, ultimately, sense of meaning are all threatened by this single event.

Here’s a “prescription” for dealing with this threat.

First, breathe . . .

Then, as you keep breathing deeply, let the fears and emotions gently come forth. With each fear, as it arises, ask yourself: “Is that really true?”

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10 Best Spiritual Resorts in the West

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Into the Wild and the hero’s journey

Camping out in a tent in California’s coastal ranges, near the spot where Robert Louis Stevenson honeymooned, puts a different spin on the myth of mother earth

BY SMADAR DE LANGE — Can you escape from society? Does being a hermit have a transcendental value? Does nature unlock the secrets to spirituality?

There is an American tradition, going back to Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond — and re-expressed in Sean Penn’s 2007 movie, Into the Wild — that honors rustic solitude as something sacred.

The concept of freedom in Western Civ has gotten mixed up in the Wild West with the image of the Marlboro Man, the stoic dude riding in solitude toward the horizon — or in another cultural image, a mountaineer challenging the immense force of nature, all alone at the peak of a mountain. (Or, conversely, Daniel Day Lewis with a pick inside a shale shaft in his Oscar-winner, There Will Be Blood).

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5 spiritual ways to $urvive job loss

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Bill Moyers meets Martin Amis and Margaret Atwood

Bill Moyers meets Martin Amis and Margaret Atwood

Since we like television that makes you think, it’s hard to beat PBS’ Bill Moyers. He sat down last year with a series of spiritually-fueled fiction greats to talk about faith and reason. Worth the price of admission, you can get it online.

Moyers revealed an amazing synchronicity that came about when he was trying to line up his subjects for filming:

I had been thinking of a series like this for some time and weighing who should be part of it. Faith is such a smorgasbord that everyone’s taste is different. I didn’t feel comfortable trying to pick the “representative” Christian, Jew, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim

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