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Exclusive book excerpt: Quiet Power

Exclusive book excerpt: Quiet Power

Why I make compassion my safety net. (Editor’s note: the author is the model)

BY JANICE CARTER-LEVITCH — We all have it within us.

The ability to be still and observe the world around us.

To know and understand what ground we stand on. Meaning who we really are. Most of us are constantly searching and wanting to discover the essence of our existence.

Be still and listen to what resides within you. Your thoughts about who you are.

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Decoding codependence

If we are all co-dependents now, what is America’s turn-around? *

BY DAVID RICKEY — Marriages, mortgages, and just-missed connections. In the annals of clinical psychology, the term “Co-Dependence” describes a relationship between 2 people where the well-being of one is perceived as dependent on the well-being of the other.

In other words: “I can’t be happy unless you are happy.” The subconscious subtext: “Your happiness ought to be secondary to my happiness.”

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Nelson Mandela’s birthday wish

Nelson Mandela’s birthday wish

Inspire change, and celebrate the Nobel Prize winner’s 93rd, by doing 67  minutes of good deeds today

BY PAUL KAIHLA — July 18 is South Africa’s annual Good Samaritan’s day. This year, Nelson Mandela turned 93. And the tradition here is to donate 67 minutes to helping others in honor of the former freedom fighter’s devotion to human rights and reconciliation.

The number 67 is not a random pick; It represents the number of years that Mandela devoted himself to public service and political struggle — 27 of them incarcerated in South African prisons (1962 to 1990) such as Capetown’s equivalent of Alcatraz, Robben Island, as well as five years as South Africa’s first non-white president (1994 to 1999).

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The sins of fathers: Pablo Escobar speaks from the grave, through his son

The sins of fathers: Pablo Escobar speaks from the grave, through his son

Can you inherit hate? The karmic question is tested in an HBO documentary about the most notorious public enemy alongside Bin Laden and Hitler

BY PAUL KAIHLA – A DEA agent once told me a story he heard about Pablo Escobar, the late founder and CEO of the Medellin drug cartel. Escobar saw an attractive woman in a Colombian hotel. He ordered his henchmen to do two things: kill the woman’s husband, and bring her to his room, where he raped her.

The tale may be apocryphal, and it appears in no public accounts. But what is in the public record thanks to multiple investigations and sig-int intercepts is that Mr. Escobar ordered: the assassination of 3 Colombian presidential candidates, as well as 100’s of cabinet ministers, judges, prosecutors and cops; the bombing of an Avianca jet that killed 110 passengers . . . it’s a long list of atrocities.

In other words, if you’re going to document a case study on the origins and transference of hate, violence and sin, Pablo Escobar is a cardinal candidate.

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The Dalai Lama and his teen rebel without a cause

The Dalai Lama confirmed a boy from Spain as his reincarnation and successor as the guiding spirit of Tibetan Buddhism. Then Osel Hita Torres turned his back on both His Holiness and his way of faith

BY DAVID RICKEY — In the story of  Osel Hita Torres, a young spiritual prodigy was chosen by the Dalai Lama as a reincarnation. Torres then turned his back on the Buddhist order.

Which in no particular order raises two interesting questions:

Did they get the right boy?

And is there such a thing as karmic regression?

The process of finding and choosing a reincarnated lama is complicated — and I say that as a professional priest schooled in an Episcopal seminary and so-called “high church.”

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You thought you only had one type of karma?

Reincarnation is dictated by a code called karma, and it comes in four different types not “one size fits all”

GUEST COLUMN: ALAN ANNAND — Woody Allen famously joked, “I believe in karma and reincarnation, because nothing else explains how I could get so far behind in just one life.”

But seriously folks, a full half the world’s population believes in reincarnation, which obliges us to be reborn again and again, working on our soul’s multiple-life lessons, like some poor kid who can’t get his college degree until he passes Ethics and Morality 101.

Karma and reincarnation are linked.

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Let’s play truth and consequences

My world is perfectly designed for me, perhaps yours is too

BY DAVID RICKEY — Sometime in high school I decided that I could do anything I wanted to, as long as I was willing to accept the consequences. It was a somewhat naïve and “adolescent” choice, but it has stuck with me.

However, my awareness has deepened considerably, and the truth behind that choice has become richer and more complex. I still believe that I am a completely free agent, meaning that my choices are my own. I bear responsibility for them and for the resulting “events.”

I am now aware that there is a more primal and profound energy behind my being here that, although it doesn’t direct or control my choices, exercises an amazingly mysterious and wonderful power.

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Courteney Cox in Cougar Town

Spiritual Surf: Amazing Race Karma, Arthur Koestler, Courtney Cox

The cosmic side of Courtney Cox; B.F. Skinner and Arthur Koestler redux; Does ABC’s Amazing Race have any grace?

“Amazing Race” had its 2009 premier this week. And so you say, So?!

It just happens to have a lot of spirituality. When a show clones the Victorian-era, global-village meme of Around the World in 80 Days, it’s hard to avoid.

Guess the most common word uttered on this smash-hit reality TV series:


Karma is routinely invoked by on-camera competitors who explain and complain about the good, the bad, and the ugly consequences that go down during the journey.

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How life works: Karma and Grace

How life works: Karma and Grace

Negative karma happens when we try to store up life’s riches for our own use. Positive grace takes place when lessons happen that an Intelligence wants us to know

BY DAVID RICKEY — Ever since I was kid, I’ve had an insatiable need to understand how things work. I used to take my toys apart to try and figure out what made them go. I even took my father’s pocket watch apart . . . which had the extended benefit of learning how to fix things. I learned, for example, that it was better to go slowly and not panic. Not easy, when the goal was getting it back together again before my father got home.

As my toys got more complicated, I took them apart less, and instead just experimented and observed. But still tried to make sense of what I saw.

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Lockerbie bomber: live and let die

An Episcopal priest and pagan witch see eye-to-eye on karma, the power of forgiveness and Scotland’s controversial release of the Pan Am 103 convict

DANNY KENNY and DAVID RICKEY — When Pan Am flight 103 was ripped from the skies on December 21st, 1988, it shocked the world and tore a remote tiny Scottish community apart. This horrific act of terror killed 270 people, including eleven in Lockerbie, as large sections of the plane fell in and around the town.

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