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The Soul’s Code Spiritual IQ Quiz: Who is the most enlightened celeb?

The Soul’s Code Spiritual IQ Quiz: Who is the most enlightened celeb?

Celebrities are seekers, too. So who has more soul: Paris Hilton, Madonna, or Kathy Griffin?

While wealthy stars may have allegedly inherited the earth, they are often as spiritually-impoverished as any of us.

Driven by their demons and DUI’s, public break-ups and private meltdowns, the rich and famous seek instant-karma in everything from crystal energy healing and kabbalah to talk therapy and tantric sex.

Or in Paris Hilton’s case, they parachute a Hollywood holy man into their entourage (Maxie Santillan).

We invite you to test your knowledge of celebs who may, or may not, have soul in a material world.

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Spiritual Surf: Kathy Griffin teases Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet, Jeff Sharlet infiltrates C Street

Soul’s Code has suffered occasional blow-back for critiquing Oprah’s mixed messages. We  challenge Oprah from the non-dualist, spiritual “left”; celeb-spoofing comedienne  Kathy Griffin has made a career out of roasting Oprah from the secular “right.”

Expect the biggest round of Oprah jokes in the media, ever, thanks to Griffin’s publicity tour for her upcoming memoir, Official Book Club Selection, (the foreword is addressed to Winfrey, and Griffin has launched a facetious petition to get it on Oprah’s Book Club).

Griffin’s newest Oprah riffs are in this video, where the Life on the D List host has fun with Oprah favorites, The Secret, and Eckhart Tolle (who also happens to be a Soul’s Code favorite).

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