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What is the most spiritual city in the U.S.A.?

Most of the gurus on Soul’s Code say that spirituality cannot be measured. But an economist would reply with two words: Ojai, California

BY PAUL KAIHLA — Ojai, CA is to spirituality what Silicon Valley is to technology. Due east and a 40-minute hop inland from Santa Barbara, Ojai has more mind-body spas per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. — probably, the world.

How does Ojai pull that kind of rank? For one thing, it’s got a tiny population: 8,000 souls. For another, Ojai was the North American base of the great Indian mystic, J. Krishnamurti. He underwent one of the most famous enlightenments in history at Ojai in 1922.

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9 Aha! Moments that blow Oprah off the Screen

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“Swami Ji” and falling in love for the first time, in the true sense of the verb

The holy man I met, “Swami Ji”, has no organization, TV show, or book. His name simply means “great teacher.”

BY SMADAR DE LANGE — How would you describe the experience of falling in love? For me, meeting with Swami Ji (personal name: Krishnamurti) was like falling in love. I fell in love with love itself, and this love had no limitations of being channeled into one person only.

What are we looking for when we are going to meet those who are labeled as spiritual teachers? Do we look for an end for our sufferings?

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The biography of your senses

Call it non-duality, call it Advaita, call it whatever you want. If the present is all we ever have, why do we feel so lonely?

BY SMADAR DE LANGE — Three top tropes of the New Age are “interconnectedness”, “oneness” and the general notion that ‘reality’ has different ‘levels’, or frames — say, like a video game or the TV series Lost. The buzzwords are sign-posts: they point to a reality that is not ordinarily perceived in the realm of our work-a-day world.

The perennial question, What is reality? — what a concept — dogs us because we humans have always resided on a plane of interconnectedness and non-duality, yet we experience isolation and separateness as facts of life.

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A female mystic’s way to pull yourself out of money-worry

The current economic crisis is a collective ‘dark night of the soul’  — and a creative destruction of the ego’s fear and trembling

GUEST COLUMN: SMADAR DE LANGE — In 1843, the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard published a book called Fear and Trembling, a title borrowed from a line in Philippians 2:12, “. . . continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.”

J. Krishnamurti, the great Indian mystic of the following century, argued that the main motivation of the ego is fear-based. Working with fear is at the essence of a spiritual practice, because only when we face our existential fear, can we be set free.

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10 Best Spiritual Resorts in the West

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What is meditation? In my mind, *loving* whatever you give your attention to


The following is taken from Vaishali’s second book, Wisdom Rising.

It was the great spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti who once said, “If you think that meditation is sitting in a corner of your room for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then getting up and paying no attention to the rest of your day, you are NOT meditating. You are fooling yourself!”

What does he mean by this? Meditation is the process of watching the mind, paying attention to where it wanders, and then bringing it back to a place or point of focus. The point of focus can be watching the breath; it can be holding a mantra or a specifically-designed intention or thought.

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