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The DNA of addiction

“The greater the disparity between our healthy needs and our childhood environment, the greater our focus on survival rather than maturation.”

BY MARY COOK — “But I’ve always been like this.”

“I’ll be hurt if I become vulnerable.”

“I’ll have no power if I don’t intimidate.”

“Without my character defects there’ll be nothing left of me.”

Those kind of thoughts usually come out in therapy. But many of us run on auto-pilot, and such archetypal ‘beliefs’ loop in auto-pilot in our unconscious mind — the operating system of our psyche.

And out of fear we hold ourselves hostage to defense mechanisms that keep us dysfunctional.

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Faith, Hope and Charity equals Love, Actually

Overcoming ego-related barriers will allow this admirable triad to flourish

DAVID RICKEY One of the most favorite New Testament passages used at weddings is First Corinthians 13,  the passage about love. . .well faith, hope and charity/love, depending on which translation you use.

Given this popularity, do we really know what those terms mean, and more importantly, how many newlyweds (or even those married a long time) actually practice these highly touted qualities?

Faith is often misunderstood as “belief.” The Greek word “pistis” means conviction or belief but with the emphasis of trust, not so much in an idea as in a relationship. For “believers” this is a relationship with God, or Jesus.

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