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Spiritual Surf: Armaggedon, Lindsay Lohan, Hare Krishnas, and Religious Violence


The new film, “Waiting for Armaggedon“, is an hour-long documentary examining how some US Evangelical Christians are awaiting the end-of-days. Their highest hopes are aligned with planetary destruction, a rapture of Christians up to heaven, pre-tribulation with the Anti-Christ’s one-world government, all before a millennial reign of Jesus on earth.

Is this typical Christianity?  To paraphrase Harold Bloom’s critique of the “American Religion”: Christianity in America is not so much Christian as it is American.

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Why Prop 8 is a spiritual issue

California’s anti-gay measure is a case study in what dictates change: Consciousness. Not politics

BY CYNDI INGLE — Why does mainstream media, and a mass-market audience, get off on public displays of homo-erotic affection in particular, “girl on girl” action? Madonna slipping Britney some tongue; Ellen marrying her beautiful blonde lover, Portia, and Lindsay Lohan’s fling with Samantha.

Does this mean that we are becoming more accepting of so-called “alternative” lifestyles?

Not likely, as the recent Proposition 8 victory in America’s most populace state, California, has exposed.

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Decoding Codependency

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