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Spiritual Surf: Secrets of the world’s oldest people

Spiritual Surf: Secrets of the world’s oldest people

Why seniors dream in black & white

Why is Alec Baldwin, 53, dating a 27-year-old yoga teacher? It’s a second life (New York Post)

Are Baby Boomers to blame for the debt crisis? Don’t ask them (CNN)

What happened to Obama? ” . . . corrupted by a system that tests the souls even of people of tremendous integrity” (New York Times op-ed)

Old people miss even older people: “In economic turmoil, U.S. needs a leader like Churchill.” (David Gergen)

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How Reiki brought revelations and connected me to my spirit guides

After surviving thyroid cancer, Reiki revealed a deeper dimension to my life

ANONYMOUS — Throughout my life, I’ve received many messages from the Spirit World and, as a child, had a spontaneous out-of-body experience. But there is one specific spiritual event in my adulthood that has profoundly changed my life.

Many years ago, I had cancer, which started in my thyroid and quickly spread to my esophagus and vocal cords. I had two surgeries and nine months of radiation, followed by another year of recovery for me to regain my full strength.

To this day, I have a scar across my throat that looks like a smile. But I  have grown to love that scar because, to me, it represents life.

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Enlighten yourself while you sleep

Lucid dreaming in three easy steps: a tool for expanding your consciousness

GUEST COLUMN: SUSANNA BELLINI — Imagine that you could be anywhere and do anything, with all the resources you need, the star of your own live-action virtual reality adventure. . .

Lucid dreaming lets you do all this, and more.

Lucid dreaming lets you fly, touch the stars, go back in time to heal your childhood and much, much more best of all, this is not only an imaginary, dreaming, experience.

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