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My hundred years of solitude

A mother’s death, a search for a soulmate and a spiritual journey made this year an epic reckoning

BY KAREN BLACK — By this age, I had hoped to have . . . call it a supportive partner. Call it a soul-mate. Call it whatever you want.

Yet, here I am: single, never married, holding my mother’s hands, whose tips are numb from chemo.

I never planned to do this part of life alone.

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Why ABC’s “reality show” The Bachelor is so un-real

Why ABC’s “reality show” The Bachelor is so un-real

Dating in America — an analysis of our collective consciousness from a couples counselor

BY DAVID RICKEY — As the 2010 season of The Bachelor nears its March 1 finale, curiosity about what Americans think dating is really about got the best of me. I am a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher, and hardly an avid watcher of Reality TV, so this posed a bit of a challenge.

My personal routine is getting up at about 5 a.m, and meditating. My day is then an exploration. I seek to heal, contemplate texts in preparation for sermons, which are a form of teaching, and generally try to stay aware.

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7 spiritual recession lessons

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Addiction: 9 Causes and Cures

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Why People Can’t Get Over a Lost Love

“You had me at cathexis,” is a line of real-life dialogue from one of our own nine love-lives. It’s also a pun on the signature line in the movie, Jerry Maguire. If break-ups are the most common form of loss around us today, then the term cathexis is the first key to un-locking their pain.

It goes way back to Sigmund Freud but it was Dr. M. Scott Peck who made it meaningful to the masses in his cross-over, blockbuster, The Road Less Traveled:

We must be attracted toward, invested in and committed to an object outside of ourselves, beyond the boundaries of self . . . Once cathected, the object is invested with our energy as if it were a part of ourselves, and this relationship between us and the invested object is called cathexis.

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Addiction, the HBO version

HBO called on documentary stars Barbara Koppel, D.A. Pennebaker and Albert Maysles to create the most ambitious series ever about addiction. But the slant is more science than spiritual

BY PAUL KAIHLA — Our friends at Entertainment Weekly invited us to the premiere of the HBO documentary mega-project, Addiction. It’s anchored by a 90-minute feature, which kicked off the series on HBO on March 15, followed by 13 half-hour episodes. HBO recruited some of the top documentary talent in American history for this effort:

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9 Ways to Deal With Loss

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