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Arnold Schwarzenegger and the unbearable lateness of monogamy

An up-close and personal account of infidelity from a Soul’s Code contributor goes deeper than the public contritions of governors, celebrities and other cheaters

BY CASSANDRA KELLY — Sometimes, to amuse myself, I think about the parallels between my life and the lives of those that our society has deemed “famous” or “stars.” For instance, I grew up in poverty — so did Gloria Estefan.  I’m a pilates lover and so is Jen Anniston.

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If monogamy implies possession, how would you possess your Self?

Straddling the masculine and the feminine, sexually and spiritually speaking

Second in a two-part series by SMADAR DE LANGE — Many spiritual traditions, such as Kaśmir Śaivism, Hinduism, Sufism, and Judaism celebrate the union of two “separate” bodies as a sacred act that creates the deep experience of “oneness.”

But when we talk about “the juicy stuff,” the age old question is inevitable:  “What do women want?”

Although a general question, the answer is simplistic and partial: women want to experience their true feminine nature. In other words, they want to be accomplished as feminine, and one with this femininity.

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How I flirted with temptation . . . and embraced monogamy forever

GUEST COLUMN: Beverley Wood

All of the guys I’ve ever been in love with have always said the same thing. I have one eye on the door even if it’s just out of the corner of the eye — like I’m waiting for someone who I know is coming, someday.

It disturbs me when guys point that out while we’re still at the intense romance stage. I don’t notice it myself until much later.

I believe in fate. I don’t know what it holds in store for me, but I believe in it.

The trouble with the door thing is the timing. When a significant other accuses me of staking out the door, I’m usually perfectly content. Until they point out this trait, I forget that I do it. And then I start wondering who it is that I’m waiting for. If I knew, I could take my eyes off the damn door . . . and get down to business.

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In relationships, besides love, here is the one necessary trait you need to make it last


Vicki is a spiritual teacher and writer who lives in Atlanta, GA

Besides love, what one trait have you noticed in couples that have maintained a successful relationship for many years?

The question in the headline is a common one on dating sites, which probe people for their relationship attitudes when filling in the boxes in their profiles. I was asked the question not on a dating site, but by this site because I was happily married to the same man for thirty-eight years. And I am going to tell you something that will make me blush.

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