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To die for

To die for

Will Baby Boomers choose to expire in hospitals and nursing homes? Or will they take matters into their own hands?

BY DAVID RICKEY —  Would you prefer to die on purpose — or with purpose?

Late, great writers like Arthur Koestler (Darkness at Noon), Ernest Hemingway (For Whom the Bell Tolls) and counter-culture figure Hunter S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) were larger than life.

Yet they each took their own lives — rather than let the life coded into their respective DNA take its course.

The most timely example: Tony Scott (above, center), a Hollywood producer and director who jumped off an 18-storey L.A. bridge that he’d once scouted as a location for a movie.

The Baby Boomers are the biggest generation in American history, the most vain-glorious generation — and also the most afraid of pain, if Prozac and painkiller prescriptions are any indication.

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Michael Jackson: May he be reincarnated

Soul’s Code columnists, spiritual teachers and readers share their insights about the King of Pop’s passage

SOUL’S CODE — When the Indian “hugging saint”, Amma, perhaps the most-loved person on the planet, enters an ashram or a hall or a tent in her world travels, all rise. Her presence is so supernatural, so beyond celebrity or personality, the rite acknowledges a rare phenomenon: the “godhead” has touched the floor which you, too, touch.

So it was with Michael Jackson. When his feet touched a stage, his presence touched a deep energy and knowing in us all. The “godhead” touched earth. Our columnists and readers share how they were touched . . .

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A spiritual author’s personal journey to awakening

A near death experience gives Cari La Grange Murphy her life’s purpose and opens up a portal to creativity

GUEST COLUMN: CARI LA GRANGE MURPHY —  As a spiritual and inspirational author, I’m often asked when, where, and how my spiritual journey began. As a child I grew up on ten acres of land in south Texas surrounded by loving parents, siblings, and a large extended family. We were devoted Methodists, who attended church every Sunday, while I simultaneously attended Catholic school during the week. It’s fair to say that I was fully ingrained in organized religion.

Although much of it was a beautiful experience, I still sought something “more” in life. My elders’ and teachers’ answers did not quench my thirst for deeper spiritual knowledge, understanding and connection. In fact, they seemed to steer me away from questions that went beyond the traditional teachings. Their responses confused me but aroused in me a greater interest in seeking the answers.

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Dancing with the invisible ones

Dia de los Meurtos is my annual chance to dance with spirits in the material world

DANNY KENNY — After reverent invocation to the spirits, the samba-like beat pulsates through the snake of flesh coiled in waiting. Slowly it begins stretching, swallowing innocent bystanders and eager collaborators alike in its path.

Aztec warriors rub shoulders with zombie-like creatures, and sartorial Calaveras (skulls) fall prey to its slithering mass. All seem mesmerized by its hypnotic charms, twisting and gliding rhythmically from its head to its tail through the candlelit San Francisco streets to their symbolic place of death.

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Spiritual Surf: All Souls’ Day, Witches, Brains, Hypnosis, and Ethiopian Messiah

All Souls’ Day

Roman Catholics and Anglo-Catholics this week celebrate the “Commemoration of the Faithful Departed” or “All Souls’ Day” (November 2). Prayerful attention is paid to the souls of the departed going through a purification (or purging) of past sins in Purgatory. Popular in Mexico as El Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), families gather in cemeteries to pray for deceased friends and families.  A more macabre remembrance of the dead occurred last week: a member of 1 Mind Ministries has refused to plea guilty to starving a one year old boy to death because he refused to say “amen” after his meals.

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Spiritual Surf: Mermaids and other tricks of the mind

Sara Campbell makes a splash as the “deepest” woman in the world; Hooking the God chemical; Recession sinks mind-body and spirit, says new findings in Science

World-record holder Sara Campbell uses yoga and deep trance-work to free dive to new depths of human experience and endurance (New Yorker)

Beyond belief: A mermaid sighting in Isreal? (Live Science)

Or a mystical dip in a Scottish Fairy Pool (UK Guardian)

Is consciousness like the ‘wetness of water’? What great minds can’t grasp (Live Science)

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Living in fear: The day the music died

Living in fear: The day the music died

I wasn’t yet 10 years old and — in a flash — my childhood was over

BY SUEANN JACKSON-LAND — March 26, 1975 started out like any other day. It was a school day and I was in the 4th grade in Ms. Royer’s class. Ms. Royer looked like a great grandma. She was thin and gray, and secretly, I thought she was a professor instead of a 4th grade teacher.

The school bus pulled up to Oxford Drive and my neighbor Joel and I got off the bus. We were walking together, the same way we did every day. I stopped. Just stopped right in my tracks and I remember saying to Joel that something was wrong. I had a strange sensation like dizziness, but not dizziness; something else, instead. We continued up the road to my house and I unlocked the door and let myself inside.

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Prayer Wall: A courageous woman taken far too soon

Prayer Wall: A courageous woman taken far too soon

We offer our prayers to Jayne Schaffstein Veld (June 6, 1969 – September 1, 2008), and the two young sons and husband she leaves behind in San Francisco. May her soul be sanctified, and joined by the voices of angels and archangels.

We, in turn, pass on Jayne’s spirit to you. This daily prayer sustained her through a six-year battle with breast cancer, a feat which defied the prognosis of medical experts.

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Spiritual Surf: George Carlin, Tim Russert, and Baghdad

The mind that is so sure of itself and who it thinks we are — and who others are — goes into shock at the thought of its own extinction. It’s terrified by that moment when it goes from “On” — to forever, .

It’s most shocking when the mind’s fear of mortality is projected onto familiar figures who die suddenly.

George Carlin, June 23, may his soul be sanctified:

Mr. Carlin was born in New York City in 1937. “I grew up in New York wanting to be like those funny men in the movies and on the radio,” he said. “My grandfather, mother and father were gifted verbally, and my mother passed that along to me. She always made sure I was conscious of language and words.”

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Prayer Wall: “A Pain No One Can Bear to Live With”

Prayer Wall: “A Pain No One Can Bear to Live With”

A house in a small town in Wisconsin where a mass-murder took place last October is being demolished by the owner, local clergy and government.

Soul’s Code contributor Cyndi Ingle asked in a recent essay on peak experiences, Do you need a building to feel spiritual?

Conversely, can a structure be evil? We believe, but cannot prove, the answer is “no”

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