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The power of the unknown

The power of the unknown

Many of us fear the unknown and the uncertain. Here is how to align yourself with both

SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: BY TONY SAMARA — From Wall Street to the Great Wall, the business values of the West have swept the world. And one thing that the commercial culture around us dislikes intensely is uncertainty. Everything from the global insurance industry to the derivates market that caused the 2008 financial crisis are set up to act as a hedge against uncertainty and the unknown.

Perhaps this helps explain why our society suffers from a collective neurosis.

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Exclusive: Tony Samara, the Eckhart Tolle of Europe

Exclusive: Tony Samara, the Eckhart Tolle of Europe

BY TONY SAMARA  —  Native people say that there will be many volcanoes going off in 2012, and that this will create chaos.

I wrote this column for Soul’s Code in December. They now publish this post. Last week, we see devastating tornadoes in the United States, the most powerful economy on earth (for better or worse).

We pray for those who lost their lives, and to the families who lost those whom they loved.

We are here for them.

Is there a spiritual lesson for observers?

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Guided meditation: Resting into yourself

Soul’s Code exclusive: One of today’s leading spiritual teachers shares her prescription for feeling great

A companion piece to Pamela Wilson’s first column for Soul’s Code, Age of Sorrow, Age of Wakefulness, this meditation invites you into restorative rest and gratitude for every granule of your being. Invite someone close to you to close their eyes, and try reading these words to them sotto voce.

BY PAMELA WILSON — Sit quietly and look inside, feel the sensations in your chest.

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Has the recession scared you with feelings of scarcity?

Has the recession scared you with feelings of scarcity?

An anti-anxiety antidote from Katie Davis, a spiritual teacher and peer of Eckhart Tolle’s

Caption: Eckhart Tolle (middle) with author

SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: KATIE DAVIS author of Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment — Through spiritual awakening, we realize that virtually nothing is as it seems. Previously, we believed that we were a tiny fraction of individuality that was limited to an, “I am the body,” idea.

In mis-identification with the false “I,” which is the ego or mind-made self, it seemed like we were separate bodies that lived in a world of other separate people and things.

That individuated ego only knows separation, so it can only perceive separation and its lack. This delusion is the source of all suffering, and what we call the misery of the world.

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How a spiritual teacher learned to let go of his last desire

A man at a crossroads stumbled upon a mind-body technique called the Sedona Method. It spawned leading spiritual teachers and made him one, too

GUEST COLUMN: NIRMALA — In 1997, I was busy attending naturopathic medical school and, I thought, happily married. And then out of the blue my wife told me she was leaving me for another man.

The intensity and types of feelings that surfaced in response were unexpected.

I was aware of feeling equal and opposite feelings: amidst an overwhelming and paralyzing fear was an extreme excitement over all the new possibilities created by the space that had opened up in my life.

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The biography of your senses

Call it non-duality, call it Advaita, call it whatever you want. If the present is all we ever have, why do we feel so lonely?

BY SMADAR DE LANGE — Three top tropes of the New Age are “interconnectedness”, “oneness” and the general notion that ‘reality’ has different ‘levels’, or frames — say, like a video game or the TV series Lost. The buzzwords are sign-posts: they point to a reality that is not ordinarily perceived in the realm of our work-a-day world.

The perennial question, What is reality? — what a concept — dogs us because we humans have always resided on a plane of interconnectedness and non-duality, yet we experience isolation and separateness as facts of life.

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Age of Sorrow, Age of Wakefulness

Pamela Wilson, who is featured in the Soul’s Code slideshow Female Mystics, shares her insights about the true nature of depression

SPECIAL TO SOUL’S CODE: PAMELA WILSON — Sorrow has been a constant companion for many of us, and yet we are content with the mind’s interpretation of what it is. What if sorrow is not what it appears to be?

What if it is a deep invitation to return to authenticity and naturalness? What if, in your heart, you know that sorrow is a sane response to the human condition of confusion and suffering?

Everything in nature has a function, and depression’s function is to dissolve the sense of isolation and the unnecessary defenses.

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Teachers: Gangaji Videos

For those that like Ekhart Tolle, but can’t make it to his world tour, or get a private session with the teacher, we recommend Gangaji. She’s a little more poetic and a touch more circumlocutory. Find out if her style works for you by watching these free videos. There’s a bunch of them.

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