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Five movies with both “Soul” and “Code”

Five movies with both “Soul” and “Code”

We knew that we had a winning combination when we created Soul’s Code. How Hollywood is using the same words

BY SOUL’S CODE In the spirit of Jungian synchronicity, are movie studios now mimicing our meme? Hundreds of millions have been invested in these feature films, and the producers branded them by using either the word “Soul” or “Code” in the titles — and on the cinema marquee:

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toddler in toga

Toddlers in togas: The examined life starts early

How to recognize a little thinker, and encourage insights in kids under the age of five

BY AMY LEASK — When I thought she was just coloring, a five-year old on the floor decided to pipe up and state “What makes us human is love.”

Confident, even matter-of-fact, it seemed as though she’d been mulling the question “What makes us different from other species?” over in her little brain for years, and had long since figured it all out.

She went back to her crayons, but the rest of us observed a good ten or fifteen seconds of silent awe.

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How to raise a “Dakota Fanning”

A child psychologist and mother of seven uses a method called, “show, remind and tell” to raise an ‘indigo child’

BY DR. CHRISTINE JAX-CASTILLO — If you are a parent, you probably question if you are making all the right moves to ensure that your children find their own spiritual paths, and reach their full potential.  You wonder how you can help your children to follow their soul’s code, while encouraging them to follow your rules.

How can you can teach them right from wrong, while teaching them to see the good in all things?  How can you keep them safe in a country where congresswomen and movie-goers are shot at malls, while relaying to them that fear is an illusion of the ego?

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Image via Daily Pilot

Spiritual Surf: What’s new with the Old Testament?

Christmas politics and high-tech wealth creation

Professor Gingrich needs a history lesson about the Holy Land: “We are Palestinians” (New York Times)

300-member American journalist association: Ranks death of Bin Laden top religion story of 2011

2012 end-times and climate change? A green Christmas in  . . . Ottawa, Canada (Ottawa Citizen)

1-percenter Christmas collateral damage: Foreclosure kills California homeowner’s Peanuts holiday tradition (MSNBC)

If the Old Testament were a reality show: “The Real Housewives of the Book of Samuel”


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Present at the creation: An old soul celebrates its first birthday!

The flame on our cake is the light that is shining within you . . .

DAVID RICKEY — Soul’s Code is officially one year old, but, like other beings that have a history of incarnations, Soul’s Code is an Old Soul. The present incarnation draws on a much deeper wisdom than its chronological age would lead you to expect. And, like many old-soul embodiments, it seems to have incarnated at just the right time.

Since May 2008, the world around us has seen a bewildering set of crises and cosmic shifts. From the palpable shift stemming from Obama’s Election and the financial meltdown to the melamine-tainted milk and emergence of Somali pirates; from the sex scandals in high places to the human rights abuses in Darfur, Burma, and Post-Soviet Georgia . . . our world is delivering a message writ large that Soul’s Code is uniquely addressing.

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